Friday, November 12, 2010

New Hair Cut and 25 weeks

Alright, so after a year an a half I was finally able to make time to have my sweet friend Brienna cut my hair this past Wednesday! Hallelujah!!! I was sooooo over due! Anyway, I finally remember to get the camera out when I was ready for the day instead of at the end of the day, so I had Alex snap a picture of me at 25 weeks (well just about) so you could see both the belly and the new hair!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happy 235th Birthday Marine Corps

The Marine Corps' 235th Birthday is tomorrow and this is a 10 minute video showing the sacrifices made both in the past and present. Please take a moment and watch this video in honor of the Marine Corp's Birthday!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween: Part 2: Hallopalooza

On Halloween, after Madison's nap we started getting ready for our church's Harvest Festival: Hallapalooza. Madison had so much fun getting ready. We did make-up this time instead of just a nose and eyelashes. Then once we were done we walked from our house to our church's parking lot where Hallopalooza was taking place. There were probably thousands of people there by the end of the night. They had everything from jump houses, to rocking climbing walls, to games, to pony rides. Madison had so much fun. We pretty much stuck to the games and finished the night up with a pony ride. On our way home Madison asked if she could do a little trick-or-treating, but a lot of the houses had already closed up for the night, so we just went to a few houses that still had people sitting out front. Madison had so much fun! She is already talking about next year's Halloween.

Halloween: Part 1

On Halloween, we got up and went to church, then rushed home to get ready for our first party of the day! Our friends Amy and Evan were throwing a little Halloween party for the kids in the early afternoon. Madison had so much fun! There was dancing, a jump house, a parade, a pinata, and an amazing spread of food and candy for the kids to enjoy. We were able to snap a lot of fun pictures, including some cute ones on the dance floor.

Madison was so bummed when we had to finally go, but we decided that it would be best to leave the party a little early so that she could get a good nap and be well rested for the evening festivities.

Our Little Froggy

So, for the last three weeks, we've been hearing this frog outside, but anytime we get close to the door it stops making noise. Well, This past weekend, Alex and Madison decided to go on a hunt for the frog. Alex had Madison look in our flowerbed while he planned on watering our potted plants for me (such a great help). To Alex's surprise, when he went to water the plant in our foyer, the frog was staring right at him. We were able to snap some pictures and we check on this little guy daily and, for now, he has chosen to stay. As a result, Madison has decided to name him. He has had quite a few names and his name seems to change daily, but the two that Alex and I found to be the most amusing were "Coffee" and "A." Most of the time she calls him "A Frog."