Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Happy Boy!

Our Little Dancer

On Saturday, Madison had her first dance class. She is taking a class through EVOLVE Dance at the Rec Center. It is a tap/ballet Class and she LOVED it.

Saturday was the first class. It was also the first day of figuring out that there had been a glitch in our registration, but Madison didn't mind b/c it meant that she was able to take two dance classes back to back. Even though we signed Madison up for the 4.5-6 year old class on-line, for some reason, when the email was sent to us with the class time it said 10:15. Little did we know that was for the 3-4 year olds (and we didn't discover Madison was in the wrong class until part way through her class when another parent mentioned that she, also thought her daughter was in the wrong class). As a result of the on-line error, Madison and her other little friend both were able to stay and take the class immediately following so that they could meet their new dance friends and learn the right steps for their class.

Madison was elated to be in her dance class. She wanted her hair in a bun (just like a ballerina) which lasted about ten minutes and then it fell out (I have to work on my bun skills).

Madison's class started out with tap first and then part way through they switched to their ballet shoes and did ballet for the last half of the class.

We love Madison's teacher. She is so sweet with the kids. I think this is going to be a really fun experience for Madison.

We weren't allowed in the room, but we could watch through the window (so most of the pictures were taken through glass).

Madison is already asking on a daily basis, when she can go back to dance class. I am so glad she's loving it!