Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wild Flowers...

I woke up this morning and had a million things on my mind. First and foremost, I'm worried about my husband in the yucky weather we're having right now. But, when I woke up, I found that my prayers have been answered so far. It was predicted to start snowing last night at midnight and not really stop until late this evening when it would turn from snow into freezing rain/sleet. There is not a drop of snow on the ground. The ground is wet, but no snow. Now, I don't know how much precipitation came down last night, but I asked the Lord to let the storm pass over us, specifically the snow and so far it's looking like it might. :)

Another thing on my mind when I woke up is that today I am 19 weeks pregnant! Crazy! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. A week from today my pregnancy will be half way over. Sometimes I stop and think just how amazing it is that God can take such a small item from our bodies and turn it into this complicated multi-organ functioning beautiful human being. I mean seriously. Think about it! Our bodies are so freaking complicated and if one thing is slightly off, part of our body wouldn't function correctly and yet He creates millions of babies. Sometimes I just sit in awe and think about this!

I am reading through the stories of the women of Bible right now. A good friend of mind suggested this idea to me because I've been struggling with finding something to read, especially with the lack of people to discuss what I'm reading with (as far as the Bible goes). If you know me, you know that I'm someone who has a hard time just reading the Bible. I like to talk about it and debate it and get to the core meaning of what I'm reading. Anyway, point being, I read the Book of Ruth yesterday. Hers, is one of my favorite stories! I love her commitment to Naomi and the discipline and obedience she displays by going to Boaz's field every day. Even more than that though, I love the awesome picture of GRACE that we see through Boaz and his actions toward Ruth. I always feel rejuvenated after reading this story. This story also has a special place in my heart because before I met my husband I read the book Lady In Waiting and it goes through the Book of Ruth. This book helps us see how, we as women, should place our focus and our desire for true love on the Lord, for He is our first love. I followed the guidelines from this book because they had a profound impact on me, and then I met my darling husband and the rest is history. But I believe this book gave me a much healthier approach to looking for a husband and where my focus should truly be, thus my other reason for loving the story in the Book of Ruth.

Today I will be:

Praying for Alex
Reading through Esther
Going to the doctor...I think to get blood drawn...eew!
Getting more water to have on hand, in case this storm should get ugly
Reading some of Wild at Heart
Spending some peaceful time with the Lord
Probably reading a little more of something...I'm in the middle of a few books
Making dinner (butter and parmesan gnocchi with caesar salad)

Not sure if I'll be doing anything else, but that's what I've got planned so far!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Thoughts....

Lately, I've been feeling like the only people that understand me are my friends back home in California. It's very hard to be so far away from them all. I am sure I'm just going through a type of homesickness or some emotional part of being pregnant, but lately I just really miss the people that know me well. The people who just have to hear me say one word to know if I'm really doing alright or not, even if I try to say I'm alright, they know I'm lying. They listen to me, they're patient with me, they pray with me, they love me, they miss me, they make sure that after long days of being alone, I'm doing alright.

I was really discouraged by the message at church yesterday. I know it's not fair to compare the church we're attending out here to my church back home (mainly because it's fairly new and still establishing itself), but I was just thoroughly disappointed with the teaching yesterday. They attempted to address the question, "Where do we go after we die?" and personally I think they did a down right awful job. I'm not trying to be judgmental and I know it is probably coming across that way. It was just frustrating. I felt like they were saying things about heaven as a matter of fact, that we won't really know until we're there. Then to top it off, we all watched a video of people being interviewed about the question I listed above. There was one guy on there that broke my heart. He was an alcoholic and because of that fact he said he knew he'd be going to hell because he didn't see himself being able to change. Do you know what happened after that? PEOPLE STARTED LAUGHING!!! The people in the church were laughing at this guy's response along with several others. It was disgusting! How can the leaders of the church possibly think that their church is ready for this message when it responds to those who are lost and unsaved by laughing, no wonder people say that "the church" is hypocritical. Our hearts need to be sincere when building relationships with others and showing them the love of Christ. Anyway, sorry, I'm going off now. It just frustrated me and was very discouraging.

I'm excited to say that I booked my level 2 ultra sound today. This ultra sound is the one that helps to determine the sex of the baby. It's a little later than I had hoped, simply because they were booked up the wazoo, but our appointment is on March 2nd. :)

I start physical therapy tomorrow. Turns out that my baby is sitting on my sciatic nerve...quite painful. I'm hoping that whatever they have me do tomorrow or whatever they do to me will help.

I'm excited that Lost is starting back up again on Wednesday. It gives me a little something to look forward to, but I will definitely miss being with all of my Lost buddies back home and going to our weekly Lost parties. The suspense is killing me...

These are the random thoughts of today...