Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's Been A Tad Chaotic

Day 98, 99, 100, & 101.

Phew. Looks like I've missed some days.

I have received several loving messages from people asking if I was okay, since I hadn't posted my blog posts in a little bit.

Yes. I am doing well. Thank you so much for your thoughtful messages and texts.

Last weekend rocked me emotionally from so many different levels, that on Monday I was just so stinking tired that as soon as the kids crawled in bed after gym, I did too! I can't remember the last time I went to bed before 9:00, although I'm about to go to bed soon again.

This week in general has just been filled with a lot of things that have kept me busy.

However, I did mean to post yesterday because we reached another milestone:


We are feeling the length of time and missing Alex oh so much, but thankful that we have that milestone behind us. We are taking one day at a time and looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it still seems pretty far away.

We've had fun making care packages for Alex and sending them. We sent a Christmas themed one this week, as well as a coffee themed one. Alex is feeling the fell effect of the 100 days too, so we wanted to send him some extra boxes of love. :)

After Thanksgiving, I will be back to my consistent posting, but until them I am in full prep mode for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales AND we are going out of town for the first time and Science Fair is due almost as soon as we get back, but we're still gathering data. So, there is a bit of stress and chaos going on over here that will all come to a close once December hits, however I will say I am very much looking forward to several days with my bfry and I know the kids are looking forward to it too....they've been counting down the days since November 1st....well actually probably longer than that!

Sleep well everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

***Just a fun side during volunteering, I had the privilege of seeing Hudson's super excited because they baked homemade pumpkin pies in his class today, that teased our noses as they baked in the oven. Then, in Madison's class I had so much fun helping the kids transfer corn they sprouted and grew on the cob, into their garden plot at school, as well as putting together their class Science Fair Board.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Day 97.

Today we accomplished a lot.

After church, the kids and I ran some errands and finished with Costco. Kids always love going there with me.....samples on the weekends are always in surplus.

After we made it back home, we had lunch and then we were able to talk with Alex for a bit. Always the highlight of my day.

After that, the kids each had a little bit of homework to do. Madison had a math test to study for and we are in full Science Fair mode right now. Last weekend, Madison did all of the work to get ready for the start of the experiment, so today we began the experiment to test her hypothesis. We will be conducting the experiment for 10 days and then she will draw her conclusion.

After she finished setting up the petri dishes and getting all of the swab samples. We placed the petri dishes in a box and then placed that box in my bathtub with a towel over it.

After this was completed, Madison eagerly gave Hudson his practice spelling test, which she was delighted to do.

After they were both finished with their homework I made dinner and then we snuggled up together and watch Akeela and the Bee. I will say that I was thoroughly impressed with this movie. It was fantastic, as I'd heard it would be. However, momma's there are a few choice words in this movie that I was not expecting. One of them went right over both kids heads because they'd never heard it before, the other one went over Hudson's head, but Madison caught it and just looked at me with a shocked face. She'd read it in a couple of books before, but it always is shocking when it's in a movie. That aside, it was such a motivational movie and truly inspiring.

After the movie, the kids talked to their Oma and Papa for a little bit and then it was time for bed.

After the kids went to bed, I spent some time in front of our "fire place"...aka fireplace app on our's still too hot for a fire, with Christmas music on and I journaled for a bit. I really love journaling my thoughts and prayers to God. Not only is it so refreshing, but I love being able to go back and mark when prayers have been answered, whether they are a yes or a no.

After journaling, I talked with my friend Kara, who was kind enough to check in on me today and we caught up with each other about our weekends in more depth than we'd been able to on Friday or Saturday. While talking to Kara, Alex called and I was able to talk to him for a little bit and now I am getting ready to go to bed with a big smile on my face because my man is seriously the best and always puts a smile on my face.

Love and miss you babe!

PS....anyone else super annoyed with the new iPhone update that doesn't allow you to write and "I"? Hoping the update to fix this comes out soon!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Heart of a Marine Corps Spouse

Days 95 & 96.

Yesterday was the USMC's birthday. Today is Veteran's Day.

This weekend has filled my heart with many emotions.

To my knight in shining armor,

You have my heart. You are in my daily prayers. You are in my every thought.

On days like yesterday and today, I am reminded just how filled I am with admiration for the job that you do willingly and so sacrificially. You have such a servant's heart. I am so incredibly proud of you and have loved every single second of being your wife and I look forward to all that is yet to come.

I miss you terribly and the emotions in my heart have been high these last couple of days as I see all of the social media posts, but our God is good. He's calmed my heart and reminded me we each have a job to do. It's always hard being away from you, whether it's for one day or for 270 days, each day I yearn for you. I long to be in your presence.

But while this time could be seen as dark and unbearable, God is faithful and is doing a good work in each of us and in our marriage. He is growing us and teaching us. I can feel God working in my heart and He's teaching me about grace and forgiveness, even though I still have a lot to learn. He's speaking to me through each of my devotions, my friends, my small group I'm in online, and through the messages at church. I can see how God is using you as well my love. You are being open and real with the guys you're deployed with and the way God has orchestrated you to lead a small group leaves me in awe. I love you. I love your heart. I love the journey God has had you on and seeing where you've come from and where He's taking you.

I miss not being able to go to the Birthday Ball with you and I miss not having you here in my arms to hug personally and to tell you how very proud I am of you, my sweet Veteran. But, I choose to find the joy in this situation and to see the good that God is doing in each of us and in our beautiful children that He's blessed us with. We will be stronger as a result of this deployment.

Our kids are so very proud of you. As Hudson joined his first grade class last week in honoring the men and women of the military and our great country, I could see the pride in his face knowing his dad was in the slide show of veterans. When Madison read the Veterans Day tribute over the loud speaker on Thursday morning, she was nervous, but because she is so stinking proud of you, she was able to make it through.

So my love, Happy Birthday and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice. I know that it's not easy and I know that you'd much rather be here with us, but you've been called to do a very important job and we are here praying for you and are so very proud of you.

With all my love,

Your adoring wife

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Encourage One Another

Day 94.

Happy Thursday! I hope that you had a lovely day! We have tomorrow off of school in honor of Veteran's Day, so it's sort of like Friday for us.

This morning the kids did the PA announcements. They were asked a few weeks ago, by the principal, to prepare a little something in honor of Veteran's Day. The whole school was asked to wear red to honor the veterans and then Madison (Hudson stood by her, but was a tad too nervous to speak over the PA system), share with them that R.E.D. stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. It was a sweet moment and coming after Hudson's performance last night and the Marine Corps birthday being tomorrow, it felt wonderful to know our family has so much support and encouragement out here.

I feel like everything I've been reading, studying, hearing, etc has been about encouragement. I've always considered myself a positive person and I LOVE encouraging others, but what I've been reading takes it a step further. When we take the time to encourage and lift others up, it takes the focus off of ourselves. So, no matter what we are going through, by putting our efforts and energy into encouraging others, our circumstances because lighter because they are no longer consuming our thoughts.

Madison has some very sweet girls at her school, that both happen to be in her class this year that have been such an encouragement to her during this deployment and I know it's really lifted her spirits and helped her to feel supported. I was able to snap a quick picture of this trio earlier this morning and then of course I had to get one of her with her BFF, Mackenzie.


So my challenge to you tonight is to make a point to encourage someone because you never know what they are going through and even if you're going through a tough time, focusing on someone else will lift your spirits too! 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Hudson's Performance

Day 93.

We had a GREAT day today.

Had a killer workout and made a new friend at the gym.

Raced home and showered to get ready for Hudson's performance that was this evening...this was going to be my only time to get ready since Madison had gym after school.

I was able to basically see Alex just long enough to tell him goodnight because he'd been at work a crazy long time and was beat and needed to go to bed.

I ran and picked the kids up. We raced home. Madison changed for gym. We dropped her off. Hudson and I came back home to eat dinner and for him to get ready for his performance.

We picked Madison back up. She ate dinner. We got to school with perfect timing and ended up getting front row seats, which was perfect because Alex was able to FaceTime in and watch the WHOLE thing.

Hudson's performance was a tribute to America and Veterans. It was super cute. Here are a couple of pictures I was able to snap. Most of the time I was using my phone to FaceTime Alex, but my mom took a few videos and snapped some pictures also.


When the show was over, we came home and the kids went to bed. They are super excited about tomorrow because they get to share, over the loudspeaker in the morning, a little bit about Veteran's Day and what it means to wear R.E.D. on Fridays. I'm hoping to be able to record them and if I can, I'll be sure to share it tomorrow. 

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

My Beautiful Surprise

Day 92.

Happy Tuesday to you!!!!

I hope you had a GREAT day! Last week was such a strange week for me. I was constantly off on what day it was and this week, I can't believe it's already the end of Tuesday.

It's been a good day.

During a deployment, friends play an extra roll in our lives. My dear friend Kara made me feel extra special today. She sent me a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers that were delivered to my door.

Kara and I have been friends for almost 20 years...we met in 1999 as we both started our freshman year of college at Cal State Fullerton. We have been friends ever since, but God had extra special plans and brought Kara into my life in a very beautiful way just before Alex deployed and she's been a constant ever since. She texts me almost daily to check on me and we talk on the phone as often as our schedules allow. It's been such a sweet time of seeing God move in each of our lives and being able to pray for each other along the way. 

In addition to this wonderful surprise, I had the chance to talk to Alex a couple of times today, which is always amazing. Love my man something fierce! 

Also, this morning at the kids school, there was a special performance. World Champion Boxer Tim Bradley, gave each child at the school a copy of his new book and he donated $5,000.00 to the school library. He has a daughter at our school and so he wanted to help them out. He shared with the kids about how he chased his dreams and made them a reality. The kids all really thought it was fantastic. 

Then a little earlier tonight I got to share one of my Winter Wellness tips on LIVE video on my fb page. It's been fun because I'm also hosting a private fb Winter Wellness class and I love being able to share what has worked for us and help others be proactive with their health. 

Looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store....Hudson has a big day tomorrow and Thursday will be full of goodies and Friday is a holiday (and the USMC birthday).....yes...this has been and will continue to be a GREAT week!

Monday, November 06, 2017

She Works Hard

Day 91.

I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet.

I had a great morning at my gym.

This evening, while Madison was at gym and I was at home with Hudson, I received a text from Madison's coach. She had sent me a video of Madison reaching a HUGE milestone for a gymnast.

Madison did giants on the high bar today and she did really well. Here is the video she sent me.

So proud of this sweet girl and how hard she works. She's been making some big strides at the gym lately and I couldn't be happier for her!