Monday, September 18, 2017

A Case of the Mondays

Day 42.

Today was an off day.

I helped in Hudson's class for a little bit and then I came home and just didn't have a whole lot of energy. I didn't end up going to the gym, which of course, I'm kicking myself for now because I always love how I feel after the gym. Then, because I hadn't started off with my healthy routine, my day sort of snowballed and my eating wasn't where I'd like it to be either. So, it was just an off day.

I gave myself a little break this morning/afternoon and just relaxed a little and then I worked this evening. I taught a class and had a few emails that I needed to respond to and some product education I had to work on.

While Madison was at gymnastics, Hudson and I worked on his math homework, read some books and played games (Trouble and UNO).

Tonight, I am going to bed earlier than normal because I think my body just needs it.

Oh hey, has anyone read the Aviator's Wife? Is it any good? Someone gave me a copy of it and I was wondering if anyone had any reviews for me about it?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Game Day!!!

Day 41.

Today was a great day. I really enjoyed church. Not only was it a fantastic service, but I was able to talk to my sweet new friend for a little bit and catch up on how things were going. I am really loving getting to know her and so thankful that God crossed our paths. Her family is just amazing.

After church, the kids and I came home and ate lunch and watched a little bit of America Ninja Warrior. We were still trying to catch up, but watched part one of the finals. Then, after lunch we had the chance to talk to my mother-in-law on FaceTime since today is her birthday. We caught her just before she was headed out the door to go to lunch. The kids and I were able to talk to her and then we also had a quick hello with our Aunt Anna and my father-in-law.

A little later, my parents came over for a game night (well, really game day). Shortly after my parents arrived, Alex was able to call us, so we delayed the start of our game day to talk with him for a bit. We didn't talk too long, though because it was well after midnight his time and we didn't want him to lose too much sleep. Once we said good-night, we played Dominoes, Uno and Clue. While we played clue, Hudson played Tennis on our Apple TV....he's so fun to watch playing that. We then had dinner and finished watching the rest of the episode we were watching from America Ninja Warrior. Afterwards, the kids got ready for bed.

I was able to hang out and chat with my parents for a little bit after the kids went to bed. Once they went home, I worked for a little bit and then talked to a very sweet friend that God just continues blessing me with. She has been a constant during this deployment and we were able to schedule lunch together on Wednesday, so I'm super excited about getting to see her because I haven't seen her in a little over a year.

I did a few chores around the house and now I'm getting ready to go to bed. I'm excited for what this week will bring and can't believe that at the end of this week it will officially be Fall. I'll be decorating this week.....on the hunt for a few more things to add to my collection.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

It Was A Big Day...So, We Celebrated

Day 40......can you believe it? We have completed 40 days of deployment!

Because this is a big deal (at least I think it is) I planned a FUN DAY!!! I surprised the kids with a trip to Sea World and then we went and drove by the Mission Beach Boardwalk (I had intended for us to get out and play for a bit, but I literally circled the parking lot for 40 minutes and didn't find a spot, so we continued on to our surprise dinner. We went to Burger Lounge in Temecula and ate there. The kids gobbled it up and said they wished we had one closer to us, I agreed! Then we did "movie night" in the car on the way home.

Here are pictures from  our day in order:

Sea World had already started setting up for Halloween, so there were these cute little pumpkin fish all over the park and the kids wanted to take a picture with one. 


The kids love the petting tanks when you first walk in the park, so we stopped there for a little while. Madison had quite the challenge keeping her every growing hair out of the water, but she did her best. 

Before we got too far into our day and ended up forgetting, we took a picture with the three of us, just to document that I was there too. LOL 

My sweet girl always wants to get her face painted, so before we even left, I'd decided I wanted to let her do this today too (and Hudson too, but he had no interest). Madison was over the moon! She had so much fun picking out which design she wanted and even customized her colors. We don't typically  do the face painting because it's too hot wherever we are, but the weather was perfect today and it lasted (as you'll see in the rest of the pictures). 


Next up was the Sea Lion area. We bought two trays of sardines and the birds only managed to eat 3...LOL


Next up was the Shark Encounter! This was the favorite exhibit of the day for both of the kids. It was completely decked out with pumpkins and the sharks were extra active today. 

After the Sharks, we went to the Turtle Reef, since it was just around the corner. The kids were fascinated by them and it was at this point that Hudson turned to me and told me that he really missed his buddy Cy and Ms. Brittney and the rest of the family....the last time we went to Sea World was the day before they all moved to Japan. It was funny to me that this exhibit was the one that made him make this comment, but then everywhere we went after that, he talked about how he can't wait to see them and kept asking when we were going to their house. 

After the Turtles, we headed towards the dolphins and on the way we stopped to look at the Flamingos. There are so many more of them than at the San Diego Zoo. 

The dolphin show wasn't going today, so this was the best we could do for seeing the dolphins, but the kids were just excited to see them because we had been told this exhibit was suppose to be closed today too. 

Since the last time we had been to Sea World a whole new "land" had opened up: Ocean Explorer. The kids had so much fun here. There were a bunch of rides that they were able to go on and some really neat things for them to look at, including an awesome tank that had an Octopus in it. 

Next, we headed over the the penguins, but not before stopping to grab some Banana Split Dippin' Dots!!!

The kids had a blast watching the penguins. They also had a blast coming up with silly poses for what they would look like hatching out of an egg...LOL 

After the Penguins, we headed over the the Wild Arctic Ride...which I don't think I'd ever been on before. It was pretty fun and the kids really enjoyed it.


The kids had fun looking at the Beluga Whales, the Seals, and the Walrus, but were a tad bummed that the Polar Bears were on vacation (I was told they are hoping for a new polar bear cub soon...LOL). 


We finished our time at Sea World with the famous Orcas!!!! We spent a decent amount of time watching them and being mesmerized. 

After searching through the Gift Shop at the front of the park, we decided to head back over to the one by the Shark Encounter and Turtle Reef because both of the kids had found things they enjoyed over there.  Hudson chose a stuffed Maco Shark and Madison chose a Mood Turtle Necklace. :) So then, of course as we were leaving, the kids wanted a picture in the boat.

As we were leaving the park, there actually wasn't a line at this photo spot, so I snuck in a quick picture. We tried to find someone to take a picture of all three of us, but there just wasn't anyone around. 

Here is a picture of the kids at Burger Lounge, so excited about their food and ready to dive in, but being kind and letting me stop them to take a picture. :) 

We had a great day, but we sure did miss you babe! It was definitely different without you being there, but we know we'll get to go again as a complete family after you get home! Muah!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Not Again....

Day 39.


I am so excited that it's Friday....I have a special surprise planned for tomorrow. Let's just say there will be A LOT of pictures.

Anyway, this morning went so smoothly...the kids were actually up and ready and eating breakfast by 7:05...this never happens. Hudson is usually ready, but Madison, well, not so much! As we were sitting eating our breakfast (which was originally suppose to be pancakes for the kids, but forgot that I'd run out of almond milk the day before, so we had scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado instead), Alex called on FaceTime and the kids were able to talk to him, which was so nice because it had been a little bit since they had. Plus, with the surprise for the kids tomorrow (which Alex knows about) we probably weren't going to be able to do FaceTime with him.

The kids talked to Alex for a good 30-40 minutes, which made their day. Then we headed off to school. Today I stayed at the request of Hudson's teacher and helped get all of her kids set up on Accelerated Reader, as well as help Hudson and another student take their StarTest. Hudson was so excited to take this test, since he always hears Madison talk about having to take it at the beginning of each quarter. He did very well and he was super excited about it.

After I was done helping at the school, I came home and did my Friday cleaning, including washing all of the sheets and remaking the beds. The house smelled extra like Christmas because in addition to my Thieves Cleaner, I also had Christmas Spirit and Orange diffusing in almost all of the rooms.

Once I was finished cleaning, I went to the gym and was able to get my 3 miles in. I ran for two of them and walked for one of runs were fast paced though. I had a lot of sprint intervals in there and so the walks were in between to bring my heart rate back down.

I quickly came home and changed, was able to briefly talk to Alex. We had a poor connection today, so we basically said hi, I love you, and goodbye. Then, it was time to go get the kids.

Kids both had GREAT days at school and were in wonderful moods when I picked them up. We came home, Madison had dinner and got ready for gym and then we turned around and went to drop her off. Hudson and I quickly ran to Target because I needed a few things.

When we arrived home, I could tell that something was wrong. It was HOT in our house. I thought it was odd, but just turned the thermostat down to 79 to see if that helped. Well, about a half hour after that, I started feeling really hot in our home and checked the thermostat and it had gone up 4-5 degrees from when I'd last checked it, so I went outside and while the house sounded like the air was on, the AC unit was doing didiley squat. I knew it, our air was out AGAIN!

Our management company was very quick to jump on the issue and had a technician out to our house within an hour of me contacting them. The guy they sent out was very knowledgeable and worked quickly. I think our house only got up to 87/88 before he was able to get the air serviced, cleaned, and working. The coolant was almost gone because of a leak and a filter (that nobody told us about....we were told there was only 1 filter, so that is the only one I'd been changing) looked like it hadn't been changed in over a year. He fixed that and did an acid wash on the unit because it was so clogged and filthy. Anyway, the air is working beautifully now. My parents were kind enough to help me out because the time that the technician was at the house was when I was suppose to be picking up Madison from gym, so they dropped my mom off with me so that I wasn't home by myself when the technician was there and then my dad went and picked up Madison.

It was good to see them, since they'd gone out of town for a few days earlier this week and I hadn't had a chance to really catch up with them since they returned home.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Bestie!

Day 38.

Today was a wonderful day!

First of all it's my bestie's birthday!!!! I got all gushy about her on Facebook, but we've been friends for 11 years now and I'm so thankful for her each and every day. God has continued to intertwine our stories and allowed us to always find a way to get together. Between us I think we've determined we've lived in 18 different homes, in 5 different states yet we've been to almost all of them with each other and only actually lived as neighbors in one of those locations. Love your Girl!!!! Happy Birthday!

When we went to walk to school, there was actually a chill in the air. For the first time in forever the wind was actually cool instead of warm. So, we enjoyed our walk to school very much this morning! I helped out in both Hudson and Madion's classrooms and then enjoyed the amazing weather that had still managed to stick around. It was glorious.

In fact, the weather was so nice that I decided not to go to the gym today, but to do my workout outdoors. I had already decided that for today I was going to walk instead of run because I don't want to over work my joints that haven't been consistently running for a while. I want to be sure I'm smart about easing my way back in, since I like to do sprint intervals. So, I went for a 3.5 mile walk today around our neighborhood. It was glorious and for part of that time I was able to talk to my dear friend, Cassie and the other part of the time I was able to talk to my other sweet friend, Vanessa.

I knew Alex was suppose to be home sometime late his time, which meant lunch or a little later for me, so I worked and then read my book until I heard from him. It sure was good to see his face. He had quite the trip, he's creating some memories full of adventure, from what I've been able to tell. For the most part, he can't tell me much because everything is classified, but the little I am able to know...pretty crazy!

While I was on the phone with him, the doorbell rang and it was the mailman delivering a package from Alex to us. I decided to wait to open it until we were off of the phone. He needed to go anyway because it was super late his time and he had to get up crazy earlier (even earlier than I regularly get that is early). When I opened the box I saw a gift and letter for each of the kids and then one of Alex's famous letters for me. This is my first letter of the deployment, but last deployment he started writing me these amazing letters, recounting special memories of his and they were so amazing. Nobody ever understood how I could get my mail and save it until all was quiet in the house and I was ready to go to bed, to open and read it. I use these letters as my little "date night" with my hubby. He is so amazing at the way he pours his heart into these letters, and it touches me to my core. I cherish each of these letters and am always thankful when one arrives. I think after this deployment I might have them bound into a book for me to always have.

After school, the kids were so excited to see their mail from Alex sitting on their beds. They didn't stop carrying around their animals all night. Alex also sent them some more foreign money, but I'm not sure where it was from this time. I need to ask him. He also sent Hudson a star from a retired American Flag. He had sent Madison one of those last time he deployed. 

We ate dinner (chicken enchiladas) and then finished up some homework. While the kids were doing their reading, I read my book too. I finished it. I have to say that I was rather disappointed with it overall, but willing to give his next book a chance. Just hoping that this isn't his new style.

I was able to talk to my dear friend Kara tonight. I always enjoy getting to chat with her and just the way God continues to intersect our friendship. She's been such a constant for me during this deployment and it means so much to me. 

Well, I'm off to go read my letter. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Will I Like How Two by Two Ends?

Day 37.

Wednesdays....they always fly by because they are our busiest day of the week. Whew!

This morning I dropped the kids off at school and then headed to the gym. I was feeling motivated today, even though I was a tad store from the day before. I went 5.8 miles on the treadmill today. I ran the first 3 miles, then I did my own little intervals for the next mile (I fast walked....the kind of walk where you have to really keep up b/c you almost need to jog, and then at every quarter mile I did either burpies, pushups, tricep dips or abs). Then I ran for a mile, with sprint intervals and finished with a fast walk and then a cool down. It felt so good!

After the gym, I headed home. I worked for a bit and did some chores around the house and then Alex was able to call for a little bit, which was a fun surprise and a welcome interruption. :)

When it was time to pick up the kids, the craziness began. I picked them up. We came home and worked on homework. I made dinner for Madison. We drove Madison to gymnastics. Then Hudson and I went to the Post Office and then back home. We finished some of the reading we needed to do and then, Hudson and I ate dinner. After dinner, we read a couple more stories and played some games.

After Hudson put the games away, he got himself ready for bed and then we went to go pick Madison up from gymnastics. As soon as we were home, Hudson got in bed, we said our nighttime prayers and he was down for the night. Then, once Madison was ready for bed, we finished the parent/child portion of her homework and then she was off to bed.

Now I'm just sitting down to relax, as I finish up this post and then I'm going to go read because, while I'm not completely impressed with my book, I'm at a part that has me needing to know what happens next. Anyone else read Two by Two? I feel like it's SOOOO DIFFERENT from any of Nicolas Sparks' other books. It's a tad dark and depressing.....tell me it has a good ending! I often throw his books at the wall when I'm done with them, but I enjoyed the story along the way. This one has taken some effort to get engaged in, but I'm about 70% done with the book and just ready to know what happens. Don't spoil it, but will I enjoy the ending?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Hubby is a Stud Muffin!

Day 36.

Today was a GOOD day.

First and foremost, I was sent this picture of my amazingly HOT HUSBAND!!! Back off ladies, he's all mine! ;)

Oh man, I love my hubby something fierce. He let me know he'd arrived safely at his destination. We didn't get to talk long, but hearing his voice was all I needed. If you're a military spouse, you get it, and maybe even if you aren't, but when the guys fly, my stomach just gets in knots until I know he's back on solid ground. 

He sent this fun video for Hudson to watch of the Osprey, so I thought I'd share it with you in case you or your kids also find it fun and amusing! :) 

Today, I felt so accomplished. Tuesdays are minimum days at the kids' school, so I had less time than usual, but packed in a lot. I volunteered in Hudson's classroom. Then, I ran and got the smog check I mentioned yesterday. Next, I stopped by the post office to mail that silly $1 check and Alex's next care package....this one was HEAVY. After the post office, I went to the gym and crushed yesterday's time. I'm still nowhere where I will be, but I have to start somewhere right? I did 3.4 miles in 27 minutes. I quickly ran home and had just enough time to do something I needed to get done for work and then go walk to grab the kids.

After I picked up the kids, we came home and they got right to work on their homework...they both are such great students and so far have been fantastic at getting started with their homework right away. Once they were both done, they did their reading and I prepped dinner. 

We had another InstantPot Success. I made Honey Chicken and served it over Brown Rice. It was really good...I might just use a tad less corn starch at the end next time because the texture of the sauce wasn't ideal, but that is easy enough to fix. Kids said they'd be happy if I made this recipe again. 

We got ready for gym and then headed out the door. We stopped to grab the mail and I had a sweet package from my dear friend Carolyn. She sent me a very thoughtful birthday gift. It's a Beautiful Word can journal in it...there is space to be artistic or to fun!

I was able to get a quick video of Madison working on press handstand's on the beam today. It was pretty crowded, so this was the only video I was able to get. 

Once we were home, Hudson got ready for bed and Madison finished the last part of her homework that is to be done with a parent. Then I taught a Savvy Minerals Makeup class. I was such a nerd...I was teaching my class in my event and then when I went to go LIVE for my Question and Answer section, I didn't realize I had posted to my page instead of my event. I realized it about half way through and then it was too late to do anything about. Whoops! Sorry about that!