Monday, May 23, 2011


Tierrasanta Patriot's Parade

On Saturday, Alex, Madison, Hudson and I all marched with our church in the Patriot's Day Parade. It was so much fun!

Madison was super excited about being in the you can see in all of the pictures!

This was our first year attending the parade, let alone participating in it. This parade takes place every year. It is normally over Memorial Day weekend (as all of the decorations were VERY patriotic), but for some reason they did it the weekend before this year. Businesses and clubs from all over Tierrasanta, along with cheerleaders and bands from all of the local middle and high school's participated, even the DA and the Mayor were there!

Alex and I pushed the kids in the stroller and headed up our church's Stroller Brigade. :) I pushed the stroller and Alex handed out frisbees that our church had bought to hand out to the city. It was so much fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Angel Fans!

Here was Madison when she sported her first Angel gear (10.5 months):

Here is Hudson sporting his latest gear (12 weeks):

Stay tuned for a family shot of us in our Angel Gear....I am on the hunt for a shirt, but Madison, Hudson and Alex all have their Angel Gear for this season!

Visit with the Jewell's

Our friends from 29 Palms came out to San Diego for the weekend and they were able to stop by on Friday to hang out and meet Hudson! It was so wonderful to see them...if only we had a few more hours to just talk and catch up.

I know Madison really enjoyed seeing her buddies again. They played in her playhouse, kicked the soccer ball around, played with her kitchen, and of course watched Cinderella!

Ice Cream Date with Daddy

I've been meaning to post this for a little while now.

Last weekend, Alex took Madison on a little father-daughter date! Alex and I had talked and aside from the example Madison sees in the home of how a man should treat a woman (and she has an awesome example with watching how Alex treats me), we want Madison to go on one on one dates with Alex, so that she learns (from a young age) what to be looking for in a future husband and how he should treat her.

So, back to last weekend. Alex asked Madison if he could take her on a date. She was beyond excited. So we set the whole stage. Alex went outside and told Madison that he would knock on the door. Madison waited anxiously. It was so cute to see her so excited to go on a little date with her daddy.

Once there was a knock on the door, Madison darted to the door and swung it open! Alex was there waiting with a long stem red rose to hand her. Then, Alex took her arm and led her to the door, where he opened it for her and helped her in the car!

They then drove off as I waved good-bye. They went to Cold Stone Creamery. Alex said they had a blast. Now, I wasn't there to witness it, but Alex took some pictures and you could just see Madison was glowing! She had the bubblegum ice-cream (which shocked me because she is usually pretty predictable with ice-cream: Strawberry or Mint-n-chip).

I would say this was a successful date and they are looking forward to many more in the future!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Twelve Weeks Old

Messy Paint Day

Yesterday I was able to go with Madison to preschool and help out with her school's Messy Paint Day! It was so much fun to watch her just let go and have fun getting all dirty (well as much as she was willing). She had a blast with all of the stations!

There was one station for painting tables. There was a mixture of shaving cream and paint and they could paint away.

There was a station for painting cardboard boxes.

**I thought I took pictures of this one, but I must not have!

There was a station for throwing cooked spaghetti noodles, covered in paint, as a piece of butcher paper.

There was a station for rolling big toy trucks down slides covered in shaving cream and paint.

There was also a station for taking your shoes and socks off and stepping all over a tarp covered in paint, but Madison wanted NOTHING to do with that station! It reminded me of when she ate her cake at her first birthday...she dug her hands into her cake and then held them up and cried because she didn't like how the frosting and cake felt on her hands.

During the Messy Paint Day, Madison's teacher brought me over to a tree, in the middle of the playground, and showed me a Momma hummingbird and her nest. It was so neat. She said it's been there a little over a month, so the eggs will probably hatch before Madison is out of school.

Bath Time

Hudson absolutely LOVES to take baths! He smiles and talks more in the bath than any other time! Here are a couple pictures of my little monkey!

I caught Hudson in action (he was cooing)!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Bug and Chunky Monkey

So, as most of you know, Madison's nickname with us is Bug...don't really remember how it started really, but ever since she was a baby she's been our bug! Now, Hudson is our little Monkey.

Tonight I was taken back to when Madison was a baby. I had one neutral set of PJ's from when Madison was little and I pulled them out of her baby clothes to one day put Hudson in. Madison was 8 months old when she wore these PJ's and tonight, Hudson fit in them. Now Madison was quite the little bug and Hudson is quite the Chunky Monkey, but it's still crazy to me that he is only 11 weeks old and wearing Jammies that Madison wore at 8 months old. They are Carter's size 6 months.

Here is Madison in her Jammies.

Here is Hudson in the same Jammies.

11 Weeks Old

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Friends

Yesterday, Madison stayed at Melissa's while I went to the doctor's real quick with Hudson (he's was a routine check-up). While Madison was at Melissa's they had to go pick up Robert from school and these were some of the pictures Melissa took on their way back home!

So sweet! Just love them!

Julia Comes to Visit

My dear friend Julia has a sweet baby that is 10 days older than Hudson and they came to visit so that Hudson and Lily could meet and so that we could meet each other's new additions to the family. It is always such a joy visiting with Julia. She is one of my dearest friends and life is just better when we're together.

I love this picture! It looks like they are totally having a conversation together!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

This was my first Mother's Day as a mother of two children and I had such a great day!

We began the day with going to Starbucks and then to church, which is always a blast because we just simply LOVE our church out here. We then went to Olive Garden for lunch and I had my favorite Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks! Oh how I could eat that at least twice a week if I had the option!

After lunch, we went to get Madison's hair trimmed (see post below). Once we were done, we went back home and while Madison and Hudson were napping, Alex and I enjoyed some time just relaxing. Alex bought me a new set of pots and pans, so I had fun opening those and getting them all out and ready to use. He also bought me some beautiful flowers. Madison and Hudson got me a beautiful card and an hour massage to Massage Envy for a time of my choice (I'm hoping for next weekend).

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and feel so blessed by my family!

Madison Getting Her Hair Trimmed

Yesterday, after our Mother's Day Lunch, we took Madison to get her hair trimmed because it was in desperate need of it. We went to this cute little place next to Olive Garden and had a great time, but we probably won't go back to it. The lady who did Madison's hair was nice enough, but she just didn't seem to really care about what she was doing....she didn't even do all of what the haircut was suppose to include. Nonetheless, Madison receive the trim she needed, but it was nothing like when sweet Brienna cut her hair. We will be going back to our dear friend from now on because she is so much better AND she's our friend! Anyway, here are the pictures of Madison getting her hair trimmed and braided.

Dr. Dainer

I had my Postpartum check-up last week (I know it was kind of late, but I wanted to see my doctor, so I had to wait), and I took a picture of him and Hudson so that Hudson can one day see who delivered him.

Eden's Birthday Party

On Saturday, went to our friend Eden's house for a celebration of her 3rd birthday! There was a little pool, sprinklers and bubbles in the backyard that made for oh so much fun! The kids had a blast!

Happy Birthday Eden! We hope that you have a very blessed next year of life!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday Morning Craft

Madison and I made a craft this morning and had so much fun! I completely forgot to take pictures during the making of her frame, but remembered to take one of the finished product! She had a blast and came up with all of the decorative ideas by herself. The only thing I helped with was mixing the red and white paint to get the color pink she wanted and using the hot glue gun to put the buttons where Madison placed them!

We really enjoyed this craft and the mother, daughter time together!


Hudson's is ten weeks old and just had his first time in the Bumbo!

Also, here is a picture of Hudson posing in his new shirt from his Great Aunt Connie and his Great Uncle Arnie.

Friday, May 06, 2011


This post does not have a picture, but it will forever be engrained in my heart so I had to share! Today Madison was running in circles around the house because she was playing tag with Randall (from Monster's Inc). She was trying to beat him "because he's the bad guy." As she was running laps, I heard her start praying. She said, "Jesus, please help me to run faster so that Randall doesn't get me. Amen." Then she proceeded to run over to me and tell me that she prayed to Jesus (she didn't realized I could hear her) and asked him to help her run faster and he did. As she began to walk/run away to go play again, I heard her say, "Mom and Dad were right. He really is my friend!"

I just thought it was so precious and I didn't want to forget this little moment, so I thought I'd document it here and allow you all to share in my sweet moment with my daughter as she discovered praying because she wanted to, not because we were eating or because it was time for bed! :)

Play Dough

Madison has decided that she LOVES to play with Play Dough. Today we played out in the backyard, in the beautiful 70 degree weather. Madison has such an imagination. I love hearing everything that she creates! I love that sweet girl, more than anything!

**Oh and if you noticed her crazy outfit, that was completely and 100% her creativity! She has an explanation for each item and why she picked it. She makes me smile :)

Carrot Cake

I made a Carrot Cake from scratch on Wednesday for our good friend Bobby's 30th Birthday.

The Loves of My Life

We were all just hanging out the other day and I happened to have the camera handy and snapped a couple of pictures!

Madison is such a good big sister! It brings such a smile to my face watching her with Hudson!