Thursday, August 04, 2016

Go The Extra Mile

Maybe you’ve heard about this whole oil craze? I’m with you. I saw a bit of it floating around on social media and it got me wondering if it really worked. To be honest, the whole idea of messing with oils was a bit overwhelming, so it took me a full year of mulling the idea around to sit down and commit to doing some research.

What finally sealed the deal was that we had moved to Virginia and we were being exposed to new germs and allergens – they were wreaking havoc on our respiratory systems! I was desperate for a solution. It was time to see what these Essential Oils were about.

I started by researching the different brands of oils for sale. I’m a military spouse and fortunately for me, many of my friends had experience with various oil brands. I interviewed them and conducted my own research. What brand did I choose? Young Living made the most sense to me and I was convinced by their Seed to Seal promise.

Implementing the steps was much easier than I’d imagined. I began by eliminating store bought cleaning products from my home and swapped them out for completely natural products. Now, I don’t worry about my kids touching or using them. The best part is that I can actually teach them how to help out around the house in ways that I didn’t let them before, because I didn’t want them exposed to the cleaners I had purchased! Surprisingly, switching to oils has also helped cut the cost down for my cleaning supply budget – a huge win/win! 

I am always on the lookout for ways to get rid of chemicals within my home and have learned so many ideas and I could see the amazing changes in my home as well as the positive wellness of my family. I loved it so much that I stepped up to become an official distributor of the product. 

My goals are simply to share the knowledge of the positive changes I’ve experienced using Essential Oils. I’d like to encourage you to join me on Facebook where I share the tips and ideas for how to make living well, simple.

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I love feeling empowered to help my children (and others) when something comes up (whether it’s a health discomfort or a mess in the house) and living free from harsh chemicals that are known to cause cancer. I know many of you can relate to the journey I’ve gone through and would like to offer a safe place to ask questions, learn tips and more without being pushed to buy products. Please join me!