Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balboa Park

This weekend we had the chance to see our old neighbors from 29 Palms. We went to Balboa Park and celebrated Annika's 2nd birthday. We had so much fun! Annika had one of the BEST CAKES I've had in awhile. Once we all had cake and ice cream we went on the Carousel and the little ones went on the Butterflies. They had a blast! It was so wonderful to see Kristine, Ross, Quaid, and Annika! We sure have missed you guys! We look forward to out next hang out session :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seaport Village

This past weekend was the first weekend in a very long time that Alex, Madison, and myself were all together and able to just hang out and have some fun. Madison had never been on a Carousel, so we decided that we wanted to go down to Seaport Village for a little bit and enjoy the day and of course take Madison on their ever famous Carousel. We ended up going on the Carousel twice, but we took a break in between to go to the fountain in the middle of the village. Madison was given three pennies and proceeded to make three wishes, one for each penny she threw in the fountain.

Following our trip to Seaport Village, we went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. This has been and is still one of Madison's favorite places to eat. She loves the atmosphere, their food, and she LOVES using chopsticks. This time we discovered that she LOVES Chicken Lettuce Wraps. She ate two full lettuce wraps on her own, plus her dinner.

Saying Good-Night to Baby

At night, Madison always gives Alex and I Hugs, Kisses, Nuzzles, Butterfly Kisses, and Woozles (basically kisses on the cheek). Lately, she has been super cute about making sure she says a proper good-night to the baby as well. She now also does all of the above to my stomach and finishes by saying, "Good-night Baby...What's in there?" It's so cute!

I am so excited for Madison to meet her baby brother or sister. I am so excited to see her interact and teach him/her all of the things she knows and for her to show him/her all of the things that excite her.

Trip to Virginia

One of my very dear friends had a baby on August 7th, so Madison and I took a trip out to Virginia to go and visit and to help out. We had so much fun seeing Emma and Jordan and meeting baby Mason. (We hadn't seen Emma and Jordan since May when they moved back to Quantico, VA, where we first met).

On this trip Madison and I also were able to see our good friends the Buffamante's, some of our old neighbors from 29 Palms, who have also since moved to Quantico. It was so nice to catch up with them and see how big sweet Sydney is getting. Lindsey and I had a chance one morning to go on a walk and it felt like old times.

Another friend I had a chance to see on this trip was sweet Andi Matthews. I met her when we lived in Virginia and she and her family have since moved back and are permanently located there now. I was privileged enough to see her beautiful MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) program that she and another girl are heading up.

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day Weekend, my parents came to visit to help celebrate my birthday. On Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo and had a blast. Here are some pictures from our adventures at the zoo.

During this trip we also went to my favorite restaurant Claim Jumper where we had my birthday dinner. Then, after we came home and Madison was in bed, Mom, Dad, Alex, and myself all played Tripoly (one of my favorite card games ever). I really enjoyed the weekend and look forward to the next time we get to spend time with my parents.