Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mixed Feelings

Real quick, for those of you praying for my husband...thank you...he's one day closer to being done with this nasty bar exam and told me that today he could feel everyone's prayers.

Anyway, on to my mixed feelings...

Today I found out that a young boy at my school died on Sunday. I have very mixed feelings about it. This little boy has been battling a rare cancer for a few years now and he was laid to rest Sunday morning. I know that he is at peace now and not in any pain, but at the same time I can't help but think what a young, joyful life is missing from this earth now. I keep wrestling with this in my head. Why does God allow little children to suffer? Then I think, well he didn't let him suffer much because He showed him mercy by bringing him home and relieving him from pain. But then, lately, I've been in a discussion with a friend about where babies and children go that haven't had the chance to accept Christ yet. I come back to just having mixed, unsettled feelings. I know that God is just and merciful, so I trust the outcome, but I still feel all confused and mixed up inside.

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say on this topic....Thank you!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Finding the Balance

Well, last night at my community group we finished up the study on Grace and Truth that I've been writing about. It was some very interesting conversation. We discussed the importance of finding that balance between truth and grace, because without it we either appear too legalistic or too carefree (without standards).

One of the tough questions we worked through last night was: "How is it evident in your life that you have repented of your sins and know that you are saved?" Many of us had a hard time answering this question, but there was one person who had a great answer. He shared how he wrote a letter to his dad apologizing for how he'd been as he was growing up. We thought this was a great practical way and brought to a personal level. I shared that I struggled with this question because a lot of times I have a hard time forgiving myself, so I don't feel right asking God for His forgiveness, when I've can't even forgive myself. I don't know if anyone else can relate to that, but I think for me it's harder to forgive myself than it is to forgive another person. I am working on it and striving to improve in that area, but it's a tough one for me.

Anyway, that pretty much concluded our study and we're deciding next week what we will be studying in the weeks to come. Hope you all have had a great weekend. :)

~~~If you wouldn't mind praying, my husband takes the bar exam in a week. Please pray that his anxiety level would be non-existent for the test and that he will be able to easily recall all of the information he has been studying so diligently. Thank you for your prayers!!!