Wednesday, June 01, 2005

When is it Time to Concede?

There comes a point in life when we will each face a situation where we have to stand tall. We will be called to stand firm in what we believe. At school, I've been going through a tough situation that has called me to stand firm.

I was able to fix what I was upset about, but at the expense of new things being added that aren't the full truth.

At this point, I know that my job is probably at stake. So, I have prayed about this situation and decided to accept my new evaluation, falsities and all, at the sake of preserving the name of Christ and not creating a spectacle.

I do believe God calls us to stand tall, but He also calls us to live by example. If I push this issue any further, I believe I would be dishonoring our Lord. It has begun to feel more like a nitpicking game, rather than the simple task of changing one word like it was suppose to be. It was never meant to offend anyone or to cause a problem. It was simply to change one word that I didn't believe was used correctly.

To say the least, my situation has snowballed and is out of control. I need the Lord's strength to maintain my composure and to keep my spirits lifted. Lord, I give the situation to you and trust you whole heartedly with the outcome.