Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Archive meme

Teresa, tagged me, so let's see what my Meme will be:
Here's how it works:

1.Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

My 23rd post was July 6th, 2005, "Running" The fifth sentence was:

"I don't say this to boost myself up, but rather to illustrate how much time I have spent to illustrate some points later."

I guess that I will tag: Alex at Law and Ordnance, Ashley at Answers to Life's Tough Questions, Maryellen at To Everything a Time, Mike at Awakening, and Kim at Sweet Nothings.


Vicki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. It's always a joy to meet a new friend via the blogosphere. God bless you real good!

Kim said...

"It seems from the unique population that I have been reading on the blog sites that it is on many hearts to build a new church; A completely new, different, outside of the box church."

Nov 6, 2003.

Thank you for tagging me. I'm not quite following the instructions right now, but I will eventually. I just have to tell you that I had to recount about 100 times to be sure that this is the right post -- miraculously, I just sent a link to this post to someone as it contains info about a dream I had that I thought might be significant to them. It took me a while to find the post as I wrote it so long ago. And now, today, I count 23 posts up from the bottom and lo and behold -- it's the same post. Freaky, I tell you. Just freaky.