Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poetry in Motion

I have a simple post today...but one that for sure needed to be posted. My friend from blogland, Maryellen, states things most eloquently. She has a great blog and posted many wonderful posts and has been fired at many times from many different people. She has so much grace in the way she responds and answers. I admire her for that. Here is a great quote from one of her comments in reply to one of her faithful is truly poetry in motion:

"If my faith were based on the behavior of Christians, I would be totally faithless, but my hope and faith is built on nothing less than Jesus. So, I stumble on, keeping my eyes on the light, and hoping that some how, in some way that same light is shining through me and making this dark world a little brighter..." --Maryellen

visit her'll love it!!!

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Kim said...

Welcome Back! I hope you are feeling well. Remember to take it easy (sorry to mother you...). We often underestimate how much time it takes to get back on our feet after an illness. God Bless you.