Tuesday, January 31, 2006


As I've continued on with my study, "The Grace and Truth Paradox," I have continued to grow. This four week study is coming to an end though. There is only one week left. As I said before, I strongly recommend this study to anyone looking for one right now.

This past week's focus was TRUTH. We had some great discussions at my community group. Most importantly we kept coming back to the key focus of Christ's example. No matter how important the truth is, it must always be displayed in a graceful manner. It is not our job to judge people or to condemn them. It is our job to love them.

We are all sinners so to come across as "perfect" is a flat our lie. The church so often makes people feel like once they're "family" that you can't have any baggage, but I think the world would be a better place if we all did openly share our struggles in life. I think those who don't yet know Christ along with other fellow Christians would find comfort in REAL people, not the paper doll cutouts people try to portray themselves as.

If we would just befriend people, whether or not they are Christian, and actually not even address whether they are Christians or not; you know, treat them like a person (what a concept), maybe people would see "real" Christianity lived out. If we were stronger in our own faith and secure in how we were to live, we wouldn't have the desire to shove our religion on others and more people would see the attractiveness of our Christ and His amazing Grace through the Holy Spirit's loving actions moving in and through our lives!!!

I know this is short, but I hope it helps you think...I know it's made me think. I'm looking forward to the last week of the study and finding more life application for living out both Grace and Truth.


Paulatics said...

Dear Stephanie -
I took a few minutes during my lunch hour to peruse Hugh Hewitt's
website (for the umpty-unth time!)
and I hopefully, will read all his
recommended blogs.

I read your husband's blog today and decided to read yours.

The study you are undertaking is interesting. I am trying to understand Grace. Currently, I understand that Grace is similar to an 'intervention' that G-d makes to give us a bigger picture view of something. Of course, He gives us life, breath and blessings to live our life but He also does things like giving us a glimpse of the bigger picture.

And I agree that living this Grace is honoring G-d's gift to us. I think that any of us can receive this Grace but we need to have some kind of receptivity in us or it's like G-d throwing mud at the wall we have erected that keeps Him out.

The most important facet of this receptivity is our own idea of whether we are receptive or not. Many times we think we are something and we aren't. That is always instructive when those little peas of Grace managed to sneak in and surprise me at my own attitudes.

Please keep up the blogging about this class or study. I would be interested in your continuing revelations.

Paula Carmen

Teresa said...

Thanks so much Stephanie! You are SO right! Hey, could you direct me to where I can find that study...? I would like to do it maybe with our group? Thanks.