Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Carnival

Here on base, there was a little carnival put on for all of the kids. They had a petting zoo, games, toys, slushies, cotton candy, a ferris wheel, and fish. We spent the day at the carnival and had fun watching the kids enjoy themselves. Several of our friends went to the carnival, but we stayed mostly with the Brewsters, so that our kids could play together!

Madison loving on one of the bunnies in the petting zoo

Alex and Ben with the kiddos after they won gold fish

Dave and Noah watching all of the animals in the petting zoo

Family shot by the Ferris Wheel

The Brewsters

Madison loved the Ferris Wheel

Levi and Ben on the Ferris Wheel (Levi wasn't quite as sure about it, but he had fun)

Levi throwing the ball and knocking down he wooden bottles

Madison playing the same game

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