Wednesday, August 03, 2011


On Sunday, my father-in-law and brother-in-law brought their new puppy, Bubba to our house for a visit. He was one day shy of 8 weeks old when we met him. He is mostly labrador with a little bit of golden in him. He's super cute!

Madison had so much fun meeting him and playing with him. They played all over the backyard and then Madison also walked him on his leash down to the park to play for a bit.

This was such a fun visit. Mike, my brother-in-law, met Hudson for the first time since he'd been born. It was so fun seeing Mike hold him and play with Hudson.

Madison was enamored with Uncle Mike. They chased each other, they ran all over just being silly, they went on the swings, and they even did the slide together! Madison had sooo much fun playing with Uncle Mike and hasn't stopped talking about him and how much fun the two of them had.

My mother-in-law was unable to make it out due to a work commitment. She was missed! She would have loved to see all of the interaction between Bubba and Madison and Mike and Madison. Hopefully, she'll be able to see them all together soon! In spite of her not being there, Hudson wore the onesie that his "Oma" made him at one of my showers.

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~ko said...

Looks like it was a sweet visit :) That pup sure is cute! At first glance I thought yawl bought a dog! lol :)