Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Mamaw and Great Aunt Kathy

Last weekend we made the drive to Arizona so that Hudson could meet his Great Mamaw and his Great Aunt Kathy and so that Madison could see them both again. Now, obviously Alex and I were super excited to go see them as well, but let's get real here: ever since grandkids entered the picture, Alex and I are chop liver ;) Well, not really, but we know who steals the show, as it should be!

The kids did great on the way to and from Arizona. We loaded up the car on Friday, had plenty of movies and snacks and were prepared for the trip to take as long as it needed to with potty breaks, meal stops, gas stops, and any other possible delays. In total our trip to Arizona (which included driving to Orange County to pick up my mother-in-law), took us about ten hours from door to door and the kids did wonderful.

We also had the privilege of seeing Dana, our cousin (from Alex's side of the family) on Saturday. Hudson was also meeting Dana for the first time as well. We all had so much fun! There was some scrabble playing, German Food at an authentic German Restaurant (Lynx Lake Cafe), and just fun hanging out and catching up.

We visited with Mamaw and Kathy on Saturday, while we were waiting for Dana to arrive. Then, once she made it out to Prescott, we left Kathy's house and took Mamaw out to eat at the German Restaurant. It was my Mother-in-Law's birthday, so we had fun celebrating as we listened to the accordion and hung out as a family.

We also had the chance to visit with Mamaw and Kathy on Sunday...this was a much longer visit, thankfully. They both came over to the house in Prescott for the afternoon, into the early evening. We had a cook out and had grilled ribs (my mother-in-law makes some pretty killer ribs), potato salad, caesar salad, warm crusty bread, bean salad, and mashed potatoes. It was all very tasty. After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to Hilda and had an ice cream cake (from Baskin Robbins) for dessert!

We had a wonderful trip. It was nice to see the smiles on Mamaw and Kathy's faces as they loved on our children and threatened to keep them ;) We look forward to our next visit.


Hilda said...

We are so blessed with our family and so very thankful to you, Stephanie, for taking on such a LONG trip with Madison, Hudson AND your MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!! It's a good thing you had Scooby-Doo, Tangled, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast videos playing in the back seat! How did you know these were my favorite movies??? (At least you didn't have to hear me ask "are we there yet" for the millionth time :)

Stephanie said...

Oh please! It was a joy to have you in our car and to hang out all weekend! Glad you got to have some uninterrupted time with all of us, especially your grandkids. :)

Crazy Love said...

That is so special they get to see all their family!

~ko said...

What a wonderful trip! And that picture of the kiddos in the swing is such a riot! Give them a squeeze for me!