Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hudson's Dedication

On Sunday, October 9th, we dedicated Hudson at our church. It was such a special morning. Pastor Robert, who is also a good friend of ours, was the one who dedicated Hudson.

We were called up to the front, as a family to do the dedication. Pastor Robert asked Madison (impromptu...she had no idea it was coming) why we were dedicating Hudson and she (to my surprise) actually put her mouth up to the microphone and answered! She told everyone at the 9:00 service that we were promising to teach Hudson about Jesus. I'm not going to was a proud moment. She answered completely from her own accord because we literally had no idea she was going to be "interviewed" so we hadn't practiced anything. I was so proud of her for being bold and not being shy in front of all of those people.

Hudson had a blast. He was seeing things from a whole new vantage point (since Pastor Robert is taller than us all, Hudson was up higher than he's probably ever been). Hudson was grabbing Pastor Robert's face and trying to grab the microphone and be apart of the conversation.

Pastor Robert gave Hudson his first bible and wrote him a beautiful message inside with some sweet verses. So sweet! Then, Pastor Robert prayed over Hudson and the dedication was finished.

It was a wonderful morning! We followed it up by a great afternoon at the San Diego Zoo with some of our dear friends from Orange County.


Crazy Love said...

That is so special!! I love Madison's answer. It is perfect!

Matthews Family said...

Congrats on Baby Hudson's dedication!