Monday, April 15, 2013

What We've Been Up To

I know that I have a lot to catch everyone up on, so I will do my best. I picked some of my favorite pictures from the last month or so and posted them below with little stories to go with each of them. 

Alex and I had the wonderful chance to get away for a couple of days. We went down to Temecula and stayed at Ponte Inn. It was beautiful and I highly recommend it to you all. We did the GrapeVine Wine Tour and had a blast. We stopped at five different wineries and had a picnic lunch in the vineyards of Mt. Palomar. 

I also had the chance to meet up with my dear friend Stephanie! We have known each other since we were 18. Stephanie was a bridesmaid in our wedding. We also taught together. Anyway, since moving back to California (6 years ago) our schedules have just been nuts (we've also lived pretty far from one another). Well, we were able to meet up at the San Diego Zoo and Steph met my kiddos and I had the chance to meet her sweet Sydney girl! We had so much fun and it was seriously as though no time had passed at all. Love how God has blessed our friendship!

Madison's school had a sweet little Volunteer Appreciation Tea. Below are close ups of the things her class helped make to decorate the room and tables. It was a very sweet morning and so very thoughtful!

There has been much bike riding and outdoor playing at the park and around the neighborhood! 

There has been fun time with friends!!!!

There, as always, has been gymnastics!!!! Madison is still loving gymnastics and she especially loved having daddy home to show him all of her moves.

There has been a lot of baking and cooking! It's so much fun having my love home to spoil with new recipes!

There has been wonderful fellowship time with our lovely Life Group. This is our whole Life Group (minus one)! Love these guys to pieces! Their love and support was huge while Alex was away!

There was a sweet Father Daughter Dance that Madison and Alex had a blast at. Their little stories about it all were just too cute!

There was more fun at the zoo!!!

There were birthday celebrations!

There were several Easter celebrations!

This was Good Friday!!!

Well, that is my summary! God is so good! Our transition back to a family of four has been very seamless!!! Thank you again to all of you who showed us support (whether it was through text, email, cards, phone calls, visits, packages, or prayers)! All of it was very much appreciated!!!! 

***Please keep Tori in your prayers!!!! Thank you!!!***

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