Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"A Whole New Way of Being a Christian"

I'm reading the book, The Story We Find Ourselves In, by Brian McLaren. In Chapter 4 there is a very profound quote that I would like to share:

To help put this quote in context, a woman (who really doesn't have a "religious affiliation" other than that her dad was a pastor) is speaking about a man she met, who is a pastor. She was amazed that he didn't preach his religion to her, rather he showed her what he believed by how he lived.

"Like my father, he was sincerely and utterly devoted to God. Unlike my father, he was so open and human and . . . not real religious about his spirituality. I remember thinking, It's as if this chap has discovered a whole new way of being a Christian."

This comment made by the woman in this story blew me away. She was so turned on by how a true Christian lived his life, that he didn't even have to mention what made him "tick" she was interested in how to be more like him. This woman yearned to know more about how she, too, could live a life like this man she had met. This opened the door for him to later begin sharing more about himself and what he truly believed. Wow! Now that is a powerful tool: actually living the life you claim to offer others through the saving grace of Jesus Christ!


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