Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, it's that time of year where I have to go and get my eyes checked at the doctor. I started wearing glasses two years ago, but this is my first eye appointment since then. I forgot to make the appointment last year. Then I kept thinking, maybe they'll get better if I wait longer, but alas, I need to go in because I now want contacts instead of glasses. I need a change from glasses.

I know you're all thinking...great story, do tell us more, but this appointment has got me thinking and I'm not sure the thought is fully developed, but here it goes.

I believe that being a Christian has similar responsibilities and needing to get your eyes checked. Our eyes could be perfect for years, but then somehow they start to get blurry. If we don't do anything to fix them they get worse. I almost would equate knowing I needed to go to the eye doctor with when one knows that Christ died for their sins. Then making the actual appointment for the doctor, is professing that you know change needs to occur in order for you to continue. The annual checkups at the doctor are necessary to keep tabs on your eyes and to fix them, when fixing is needed. Now we go to God more often than once a year (or so I hope), but it's very similar. We pray to God and talk with Him to keep our relationship healthy, just as I go to the doctor to keep my eyes healthy. When we skip our time with God we're taking a chance that it may be harder to get our relationship back to normal because other factors could have corrupted our thoughts about something.
When we hit a bump in the road in life, if we don't stop and reexamine our hearts and who we are it would be easy to let the blurry vision about God remain and continue to get worse...for example, when a loved one dies, or something unexpected and painful happens in our life, it is easy to get angry at God, but unless we "get a check up" that though process would only get worse.

Today when I go to the doctor, he may tell me my eyes have gotten better, but in reality, there has probably been some type of change that makes it even more important that I go now than it did when I first went to the doctor two years ago. Anyway, the point to what I'm saying is that we should all stop and examine our hearts and figure out what prescription it needs to be fully in love with God and then make a point to keep the lenses adjusted so that we always see 20/20.

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