Wednesday, January 03, 2007

being sick is yucky

i have several posts that i never finished to let you know that we made it out to virginia.
sorry for the lack of posting. just when things starting to calm down we left to go back
to california for the holidays and just returned back to virginia on the 31st. and now i'm
sick! being sick is never fun, but being sick and pregnant is no bueno. luckily i'm going
to the doctor today for my monthly pregnancy check up, so hopefully my doctor can
help me by giving me something for what i think is a nasty sinus infection, as well as
something for my terrible cough that is evil and doesn't let me sleep.
it's very strange being in a totally new place and not feeling well. yesterday i totally
needed popsicles for my throat and did not have the energy to go out myself and
get them (due to the fact that i've totally lost my appetite and have to force down
even chicken broth), but there was no one i could call so i did without. i'm not
trying to throw a pity party, it's just a weird feeling. i've never been anywhere, let alone
sick when there is not a single person i could call to help me out with things i need.
anyway, i just wanted to say hi and happy new year and let you all know that i'm
still alive and will be blogging more often since, for the most part, things have
died down and everything is now unpacked. i may be creating a new blog...
we'll see, but until next time....

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