Thursday, March 01, 2007


Have you ever thought about the word ANTICIPATION? I have felt a lot of anticipation lately in several areas of my life. I have also had several conversations with people about things that are I decided to write about it.

Anticipation is defined as an expectation or a hope. It is a noun.

Things I've been anticipating lately:

~my level II ultra sound appointment
~our future move to Rhode Island and where we're going to live
~my parents upcoming visit to Virginia
~my workout time
~my phone conversations with friends from back home
~my weekends with my husband
~the planning of my final trip back home before the baby comes
~the baby coming
~our future duty station
~finishing my last two units to clear my credential (before the baby gets here)
~getting our paycheck
~when will I be back in the classroom teaching
~spending time with the Lord

I am stuck in a place of wondering if anticipating things is a good thing, a bad thing or a pointless thing. I mean sure when you anticipate something it's usually because you're excited about it, but at the same time, maybe it's because somewhere deep down you're worried about that something, which God clearly tells us is unnecessary. Either way, if it's something you know for sure is coming...which, by definition, you must if you are able to anticipate it (expect it), than is it pointless to even think about it in such a way you'd say you were anticipating it? These are just some random thoughts that have been floating through my head lately. I'd love to hear people's feed back on this topic.

In the mean time, I am excited about tomorrow because tomorrow my husband and I will be finding out whether we will be having a daughter or a son in July. I'm very much looking forward to this exciting time and this ultra sound has been much anticipated...

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