Wednesday, March 14, 2007

so silly

I am in the process of finishing my last two units to clear my credential in California. I think this is the silliest thing. I mean I guess I understand it, but's annoying.

About, eight years I feel old, I started college as part of the first cohort to go through BTEP (blended teacher education program). Basically, this program was designed to help you get your bachelor's degree and your credential at the same after four years, you'd be ready to teach, instead of having to go back to school for your credential. Sounded like a great idea at the time, but what I've come to find out since I graduated is that when you take the extra 5th year to complete your credential you can basically graduated with a cleared credential, instead of a preliminary credential. In being part of BTEP I am short the units a regular credential program would have given me. I took all the same classes, did all the same work, put in MORE hours in the classroom than the average credential student and yet, they are still telling me that I have to PAY more money to take MORE units, just to clear my credential. Ridiculous.

All that said, to make my point when I say I'm so over this independent study class I'm taking. It's just so much busy work. I'm halfway through it, but it's like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and do it because it's soooooooo boooooorrrrrrring! I've already learned all this stuff, but all the classes that interest me did not fall under a category that counted as units to clear my credential. Anyway, I'm trying to get this all done and mailed off by the end of this week or the middle of next. It's possible, but I need to find the motivation.

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