Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Home Dave!

Today our dear friend Dave Bouchard came home for Iraq. He got to meet his son for the first time and it was so sweet seeing him with Noah. You can tell he is so ready to just jump in and be the amazing father that we know he is! Christine was glowing all day and is now on cloud 9. I am so happy that their little family is reunited. What a blessing!!! Here are a few pictures from the day (I had the video camera the whole time, so I only have the pictures Alex was able to snap while also watching Madison) When my friends send out the rest of the pictures, I'll try to update the blog with better pictures!!! :)


Tyler, Kathy & Charlie said...

Those are the best pics, what a happy day!!

As for the books, we're open for any catagory, so send me whatever ya got! =)

briandjennovakoff said...

What an incredible day!! May God truly bless him and his family!! America bless God!!!