Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slumber Party

Last week, Madison's buddy, Levi, came to stay with us for a night, while his mommy and daddy went to their Marine Corps Ball. (Ben was deployed in November, so his ball was postponed until they all returned home) We had so much fun with Levi. Madison just loves playing with him. We caught some cute moments of them eating their meals together. They would copy what they other one was eating. If Madison picked up a strawberry, Levi picked up a strawberry, if Levi picked up his bread, Madison picked up her bread, and it continued like this until they were done with each meal.

We also caught a sweet moment when Madison tried to sit in Levi's lap and read a story with him. :)

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The Doerr Four said...

So young to have a sleep over... you better keep an eye on them :-). Too cute!