Monday, December 06, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

It's not a secret that I LOVE Christmas and that going to pick out our Christmas Tree is one of my favorite things to do. Well, this past Sunday, we decided that was the day! We went out and fought the Charger's game traffic (on accident) and went to go buy our Christmas Tree. When we brought it home, our sweet friend Melissa helped us get it in the house and in the stand. Then Alex and I put the lights on the tree and Madison put most of the ornaments on by herself. We helped with the top of the tree, but she was so in to decorating the tree this year. While we were putting the lights on she turned on our Christmas music and danced for us as she waited to help.

Madison's favorite part is watching the lights come on at night. We were able to find a plug that is attached to a switch, so Madison is able to help us each night with turning on the lights. All day, she's been saying, "I love our Christmas Tree! Can we keep it up even after Christmas?" My daughter takes after my love for Christmas and it's such a blessing to watch Christmas unfold through her eyes. She's in love with the baking of cookies, the Christmas music, the Christmas movies, the Christmas decorations, the story of Christmas, and shopping for Christmas. She just plain LOVES Christmas! Everywhere we go, if there are decorations, her face lights up and she gets a big smile.

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Crazy Love said...

I am so glad she loves it!! The girls are totally into it this year as well! Love it. You look so cute!! Merry Christmas!