Monday, December 06, 2010

Visiting Santa

This is the first year that we weren't able to go to our usual Janss Market Place in Thousand Oaks and get a picture taken with "my" Santa. This past year, the Santa, that I grew up with, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I had literally been going to him for the past 25 years, including taking Madison to see him since she was born. This year we went to find out what his "replacement" looked like. He was okay, but nowhere near as good as "my" Santa.

Despite begin disappointed with Santa, we still were able to get a cute picture of Madison with Santa. She was so excited to see him. She was glowing and had a smile from ear to ear. She told Santa that she wanted ice cream for Christmas. I thought it was a little silly that they used a "Green Screen" for the picture background this year and then just digitally added whatever background best fit the child and the pose the photographer was able to get of the child and Santa.

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