Tuesday, February 01, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Madison in the car ready to drive to Preschool.

Well, the day finally arrived! Madison is at her first day of Preschool. After months of waiting for our phone call to say that there was room at the school we wanted her to attend, Madison is now in her very own classroom attending preschool. We are so thankful for Madison's enthusiasm for school and her desire to learn. I was so excited to get everything ready for Madison to have her first day of school, but not nearly as excited as she was. Madison woke up nice and early this morning talking and singing away as she explained to her stuffed animals that she would be gone this morning because she was going to Preschool, but that she would be back later to hug them. She told them to be brave and that she would be back by lunchtime. Madison then proceeded to complete her entire morning routine (going potty, making her bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing her teeth) without any help or extra direction needed. She was ready to get the show on the road.

When we arrived at her preschool, Madison was very excited and her teacher let her come in a little early to check everything out and to go over their daily routine, as well as show Madison where her cubby was and to introduce her to the class fish. Once Madison had thoroughly checked the place out, she looked at Alex and I and said, "I get to stay here without you guys right?" She was very ready for this day!!!! I am so happy that my sweet girl is so confident and so eager to learn.

Needless to say, I am very excited to go pick her up and hear how her first day of preschool went. I am sure she will have several stories. This is a fun day for her to have started attending too because today is Chapel (they have this once a month) and then on Thursday it's pajama day! What a great way first week for Preschool! I will write more later as I hear the fun stories unfold from her first week of school!

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Snowden Family Blog said...

So fun! Madison looked so excited! Looking forward to hearing about her Preschool adventures!