Friday, July 22, 2005

Captivating Part 4

We had another wonderful discussion on Monday with the high schoolers about the book Captivating. We actually revisited a lot of what we discussed last week since we had three new girls. There was a lot of self-discovery on their part. They became very open and vulnerable.

Here are the new questions that we discussed and sent home with the girls to reflect on:

In the story of Deborah, we see a woman confident in the position in which God has placed her. Does that seem normal or somewhat odd that society, at the time, resisted?

How do you think the Bible, our Culture/Society, and the church define Women?

How has your life defined you? Do you agree?

God is calling you out to a purpose. Not necessarily a specific career, but a purposeful life. What pulls at your heart? When you hear about it, something inside you says, "Here I am, send me!" What is that thing that tugs at your heart that is so hard to ignore?

I know it's hard. There's a voice in your head telling you "no" you're not good enough. And maybe you have stopped daring to think about that thing anymore. Ask God to show you what's in the way. Write it down and then remove the obstacles from your life. Dig out that invitation Jesus has given you and accept His invitation to dance.

Those of you who are reading the book? If you've had any thoughts triggered that you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to hear them. It helps to hear other's take on the book when creating our study. Thanks...Have a great day!!!


WES ELLIS said...

I just want to apologise, I have not been able to subscribe to your site through bloglines. I don't know why it just sends me to your old blog. I just thought you hadn't been posting. I will make a point to check your blog every time I get a chance until I can figure out the bloglines problem. I still like your blog.

Flip said...

I am about to read that chapter - I'll comment on it soon.

Anonymous said...

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