Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy 4th of July

Last night at the fireworks I began looking around. Everyone was there. Didn't matter how people looked, dressed, talked, mingled, etc...all that mattered was that they were there helping to celebrate our country's freedom. Why can't church be just as accepting? We're suppose to belong to this all loving church body, yet half of those people last night probably wouldn't set foot inside a church. Partly because the church is so condemning (don't get me wrong, there are black and whites as to what is right and wrong, but we still need to be loving even to those who aren't perfect, which is all of us), and because it seems to be such a hypocritical place. We can change that.

I was so upset last night about the stupid tracks that were being handed out last night. To sum it up, these particular tracks were saying that we could rid the USA of cancer, poverty, AIDS, evil, etc if only people would turn from their sin and turn to God. It said it was our fault that little kids are dying from cancer. Now really, who would want to join somewhere that made them feel like all of the worlds' problems were their fault? Seriously!!! I would have gone up and said something to the people handing out these terrible things, but they were very young kids. The people who wanted these things handed out didn't even have the gull to do it themselves. They had to put innocent young children in their place on a street corner instead.


Maryellen said...

I remember getting a track once, before I was saved, that said doing good deeds was insulting to God. There is a lot being said here in blog land about the difference between being a Christian and an American. My husband just recently got into a rather heated discussion about how we can't get rid of sin or its effects through legal processess. I honestly have no idea who I'd be without Jesus, and I enjoy "church" but lately I have seen so much hypocrisy and condemnation among supposedly sincere Christians, it breaks my heart.

Flip said...

I've run into a lot of people who "shared their faith" like that...it was a real turn off. It's a wonder I came back to church (I'm glad I did).

Anonymous said...

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