Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Work of Art Created and Adored By The Master Artist

This past weekend I spoke at our high school girls retreat. The focus/theme of our retreat was finding and acknowledging our own stories and owning them. All of the leaders shared there testimonies/stories. I was the speaker Saturday morning. I spoke about body image (a very important topic for high school girls). Here are some of the things that I covered when I spoke.

I began by reading a passage out of Captivating and then shared a little of my story with the girls. I have always struggled with the way my body looks. It is a constant, persisting thought that is always on my mind. I explained that I used to compare myself to models and then I began even criticizing their bodies. I continued by sharing that this led to having a critical heart towards myself, others, and God.

I began to realize how twisted my thoughts had been. God is my creator. He is The Master Artist and created me exactly how He wanted me to be. Who am I to disagree and to tell God that His Masterpiece isn't good enough? These thoughts really began to change my actions/thoughts toward myself.

I then went into the teaching component. I focused on Matthew 22 and discussed the second greatest commandment, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." I asked the girls how they were suppose to love their neighbor when they don't even love themselves? Then I followed up with asking them to turn to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7...the traditional Love passage. We read it aloud and discussed that this passage is typically used to show/teach us how to love others. I again pointed out that Christ tells us to "love others as we love ourselves," so indirectly the 1 Cor. passage is also telling us how we should love ourselves. Then we had some time to reflect and really see if we love ourselves according to the standards of this passage. What is it that is keeping us from seeing ourselves as God does? What is keeping us from loving ourselves the way we try to love others?

We had some great discussions and it was an amazing time. I love girls retreat and it was especially special this year because my high schoolers are now seniors and it was the last high school retreat we were going to get to go on together.

Thanks for listening...I'm excited to be back from my trips and blogging again. :)


Flip said...

Glad to see you back - and loved this post. I think its great that you're sharing some stuff from the Captivating book with the girls - one part I didn't mention in my post about CHapter 1 and 2 was that there is a "beauty to unveil" and what that means.

Good post

Maryellen said...

i agree that your talk was so important to girls that age...that whole idea of loving yourself before you can love others...part of it is a trust issue.
if you can't see what is lovable about yourself, than how can you trust someone who says they love you.
i've heard such teachings blasted lately, this whole self love thing seems to rub some well meaning folk the wrong way.
but the Word does clearly say to love others as you love yourself...
husbands are told to love their wives as they love their own bodies.
as i think about it, it is not just for young women. i'm 53 and i have a real problem with self image, and self esteme...
What is keeping us from seeing ourselves as God loves us?
Good Question.

Ashley said...

As I was reading the first section of this post, as you were describing some of the things you have felt in the past, I think everything you said I have thought about and really srtuggled with. When we as women start struggling with stuff like this it effects our whole life, it effects out relationships especially. Captivating is on my list of books to read, I really want to read it. Thanks for all of your encouragement!!

Teresa said...

There is a song by Ginny Owens about this and I LOVE IT--one of my favorite! It is called: True Story on her Something More CD