Thursday, September 29, 2005

You Have to Check This Out

The King of the Blog World, Hugh Hewitt, has done something amazing and I think you will all love it.

He has started a blog called One True God Blog.

You have to visit it!!! There is some amazing discussion taking place.

Here's the way this blog works:

Hugh Hewitt poses a question

A Pre-selected panel (about 5 people) all respond to the question

There is not a comment section, but you can email Hugh Hewitt.

Check it out!!! You'll love it, I just know it!!!


Kim said...

Really love the "One True Blog" discussion -- thanks for turning me on to it!

Flip said...

I went to Amazon to check out this book and found that he has written a few other books that look interseting. I flagged these books for my wish list in Amazon for future reference - thanks Stephanie.

Stephanie said...


Hugh Hewitt's books are amazing. My husband and I own them all. My husband actually helped do research for one of his books and took Constitutional Law from him in Law School. Hugh Hewitt came and spoke at our church as well. He had great insight and is very intelligent.

If you like talk radio, he also has his own radio show from 3-6, M-F on KRLA 870 am in So. Cali.

Teresa said...

I briefly checked out the discussion. Looks cool. I'll be back to check out more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »