Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Backyard Visitor

So....I was vacuuming this morning and I looked up to see something staring at me through the window to our backyard.
Look what it was....anyone know what kind it is? I have been trying to look it up and have had no luck finding its identity.

Welcome to the desert right?!?

The Natural Resource Specialist came to help us get rid of the snake. I showed them pictures and they said that it's a Red Racer which means that it eats rattle snakes, scorpions, and crickets and it is not venomous. They weren't able to find it, but at least I feel a little better about this lurking "better" as one can feel!


Lollie said...

Holy cow that is huge! It gives me the willy's just through a picture. Yikes...

Jamee said...! I hate snakes. You seem to be so calm about the whole thing. I guess just stay inside and keep everything CLOSED! Wow...