Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Alex and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! Can't believe how fast time flies. In the past four years we sure have done a lot. Alex finished law school, took the bar exam, passed the bar exam, went to The Basic School, went to Naval Justice School, became a dad, and started practice in the real world as a Lawyer. I taught first grade, second grade, and a 1/2 combo and I became a mom, as well as a full time stay at home mom/homemaker. Together we've adopted two cats, lived in three states, moved four times, became parents, and still managed to fall more and more in love with each other. I feel truly blessed to have Alex in my life as my husband, my best friend, and as the father of our beautiful little girl.
Alex was gone the whole week before our anniversary (he was in Chicago for training with the Marine Corps), but he was due back home in the afternoon on our anniversary. The day started out a little hectic, being that Alex's flight from Chicago back to LAX was cancelled, so he had to scramble and try to find a different flight so that he could still make it home. Once he was home, we were blessed with the opportunity to go out and actually spend some time alone together. We made reservations at PF Changs (which we were so excited about because we hadn't been there in over a year). Also, for those of you that don't realize how "in booniesville" we are, the nearest restaurants are about and hour and fifteen minutes away, so to be able to go there and just relax together was such a blessing. We had a wonderful time at dinner. We took our time and enjoyed a very relaxing evening just talking and focusing on each other. Here are a couple of photos of us on our night out :)

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lollie said...

Happy Anniversary guys. I am glad you got to celebrate together and without Madison. It is always nice to sneak away for a bit especially for dinner. :)