Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July! I think it is probably one of my favorite holidays, after Christmas, of course! I love how for a day, out country remembers how special our great nation is and everyone comes together to celebrate our country's birthday. I love all of the patriotic songs. I love the BBQ's. I love the red, white and blue attire. I love the fireworks. I love the patriotism that everyone shows. I love how proud it makes me feel to be married to a Marine. I love how I always tear up at the National Anthem and I'm Proud to Be An American (when you're a Marine Spouse, those songs take on a whole new meaning). I just LOVE America and I am so thankful for our freedom and for those who fought and for those who continue to fight to keep it!

We had a small BBQ at the Williamson's on the 4th and hung out with them until we went to the fireworks. We sat in the backyard and watched the kids play and Bobby made us roasted marshmallows, which most of us turned into smores! Yummy!

After the BBQ we headed to Mira Mesa to watch the fireworks at a park near Madison's preschool. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time together as a family!


Crazy Love said...

Love it! Happy 4th! Our husbands are awesome!

~ko said...

You've been a busy bee on your blog lately! Loved all the posts:) Hudson is getting so big so fast. Thanks for understanding that we needed to stay close to home this past weekend. :)