Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Helper

Madison has grown up so much in these last couple of weeks. She has started making really good choices, all on her own. Her bedtime prayers have become much more sophisticated and empathetic. Her overall personality is just overflowing with joy and she brings me joy each and every day.

As most of you know, I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake, especially for my family and friends. Well, last night Madison asked me if she could help me make dinner. She helped me pretty much with everything except taking things in and out of the oven...she even helped me taste test a few things. It is so fun to have Madison in the kitchen with me. I need to remember to take more pictures because she really does a great job.

Last weekend she helped me make pancakes. She made the batter. She poured the batter on my griddle and she even flipped a few pancakes! She was so proud of herself and I was beaming on the inside. I love spending time with my sweet girl and my heart overflows with pride for this little girl and how special she is!

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