Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snow Day?!?

We had our first ever snow day this past week and what was suppose to be our four day weekend has been cut short to a three day weekend so that they can make up the snow day. Boo! Oh well, I'd rather the kids be in school Tuesday than be extended at the end of the year.

Anyway, back to this snow day business....there wasn't even enough snow to build a real snowman, so we did the next best thing.

I thought it was funny, but the kids were really disappointed that we haven't been able to build a real snowman yet. We missed the first snow of the season when we were at Walt Disney World, but this is the 2nd snow this winter and the kids were disappointed to say the least. 

However, when we walked to school the next day, Madison in particular, was very excited to see that there was still some snow on the ground and that she was going to get to walk to school "in the snow." 

So, that was our snow day story, wish we had more to share, but we did enjoy a nice fire, many books, a movie or two, some hot chocolate and a lot of snuggling to keep warm. I enjoyed the day, even if the kids felt let down. I was able to make memories with the kids that will last a lifetime and I'll be able to share with them "remember that time we had our first snow day...." and all of the love and warmth felt in our home that day will fill my heart. Hopefully, they will one day look back on that day with fondness as well. :)

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