Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Morning

Easter Morning is a special time, as we remember that the tomb is empty! What a glorious day indeed! We had so much fun with Easter this year and being able to tell us what she's learned at church during her Sunday School Classes, as well as what she's learned from stories we've read her. Madison truly grasped Easter this year and it was so cute to see her so excited about it. When she woke up on Easter Morning, she ran and told me Happy Easter and that Jesus is Risen. It made my heart melt, especially because she was so excited about that, she forgot that she probably had an Easter Basket waiting for her in the living room, along with a bunch of eggs to find. Before going into the living room, she insisted on getting dressed first, such a little girl! :)

I grew up searching for Eggs every Easter Morning and it was one of my favorite things to do (and probably still would be if there were adult Easter Egg Hunts), so getting to watch Madison search for Eggs and discover what was in them was a blast! When Madison was finally dressed, she came charging into the living room and saw her basket, which contained a bunch of fun goodies, but her favorite item was the new Tangled Leapster Explorer Game. She was overjoyed and so excited! Once she emptied out her basket, she began searching for eggs, which was hilarious! I don't think the Easter Bunny was believable because she kept referring to Alex and I hiding the eggs. She'd ask, "Why'd you put the eggs so high?" "How did you get the eggs to stay?" So, we'll see what happens next year. There wasn't even an Easter Bunny for us to go take pictures with at any of the malls out here. I love the cuteness of the Easter Bunny, but if Madison doesn't believe it, I won't be heartbroken because the day has so much more meaning than a bunny and I will always hide eggs and have an Easter Basket waiting for the kids because it is so much fun!

Here is a little video I recorded earlier in the week of Madison telling me what Easter means.

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