Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look Mom! A Snail!

So, this week at preschool, Madison is learning about insects (not my favorite topic). From the time she came home yesterday she's been obsessed with going out and not only looking for bugs, she wants to catch them and put them in her little bug cage. It's kind of funny actually because she finds the bug and gets excited, but then she screams because she remembers it's a bug and then comes and asks me to catch it (the joys of motherhood), to which I kindly reply that if she wants the bug, she has to figure out how to capture it herself! Phew! That worked and I got out of catching bugs! Anyway, she ended up catching a pincherbug, a rolly-polly and three snails yesterday.

After dinner, Madison wanted to go to the park and show her all of the kids at the park her new bugs. There were two older boys at the park (probably 6 and 10) and they were sweet and entertained her excitement about her bugs. On the way home, we suggested that she put them back so they didn't die and this picture her saying good-bye to the first one!

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