Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MagnaDoodle Master Piece

So, Madison always wants to color in coloring books or paint or write letters, but never has she just asked for paper to simply draw, so I'd never seen her do it! Well, today, Madison came out of her quiet time and had a big smile on her face, but I couldn't quite see what she had in her hands just yet b/c of where I was sitting. She came around the corner and put her MagnaDoodle in my hands (I didn't even think she played with that much anymore) and this darling picture is what I saw. Madison was so proud of herself, but what she was most proud of was that she figured out how to draw ears. Yes! Ears! She said she'd been practicing drawing people, but had never drawn ears, but today, she figured it out! I love her!


~ko said...

She is such a cutie! :) :) :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks friend!