Thursday, April 07, 2011

Jesus Loves Me!

So, lately, Madison has been wanting us to read/sing her Jesus Loves Me from this book she has. It has the full version of the song. Last night, was no different, she requested that book be one of her two bedtime stories. Hudson is normally asleep when we put Madison to bed, but he had a little bit of an off night last night and was able to join us! Madison LOVED having her little brother next to her as we sang Jesus Loves Me as a family. I think Hudson enjoyed having Madison next to him just as much. It was such a sweet time together as a family!

I am really enjoying watching how much Madison has taken to her little brother. She always watches him and makes sure "he's okay." She tries to help me out by telling me all of the different things he might need throughout the day. She is also really protective of him and it's just darling to watch. It is truly amazing to watch God grow them close together already! I pray that their bond continues to grow stronger as they each grow older.

It is also fascinating to watch Hudson around Madison. He is mesmerized by her. Throughout my whole pregnancy, Madison would come up to my stomach and SHOUT, "Hudson, what's in there?" I think Hudson is finally realizing that it was Madison who was talking to him the whole time because as soon as she begins to say or to sing anything, he follows her every movement. It is just so sweet to watch.

The other day I was lucky enough to catch Madison reading to Hudson. Hudson was in the swing and Madison brought her little bible up and sat it on his lap and began flipping page by page and "reading" him each story. She was so proud of herself, not only for knowing the stories and how to "read" them to Hudson, but also because she felt like such a big girl since she was helping keep Hudson entertained.

I am truly blessed and look forward to more adventures and sweet times to share with you all!

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~ko said...

Love this post :) And I think it's too cute how dressed Hudson was at bedtime! Around here Im lucky if Jack has a diaper on by that time! lol :)