Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

My baby girl turns 4 today! Where has time gone? We have done so much in these last 4 years. Let's see if I can recap a little:

We became parents. In Rhode Island. Of all places.

We moved from Rhode Island back to California. We lived in Joshua Tree.

We moved from Joshua Tree to 29 Palms to live on base.

We moved from 29 Palms to San Diego.

So, 4 moves in 4 years.

We flew from Rhode Island to California, California to Wisconsin, Wisconsin to California, California to Virginia and Virginia to California.

So, 5 flights in 4 years.

We attended 2 weddings, with Madison, (Kellie and Marc & Angie and Eric) and were in my "sister's" wedding (Jaclyn and Barry).

So, 3 weddings in 4 years.

We have had visits to the ER where IV's were involved and ones with stitches involved.

So, 2 MAJOR visits to the ER in 4 years (that's not too bad).

Madison started preschool.

We had another baby. Madison became a big sister.

There are so many other things I could write about, but I'll leave it at those!


From the moment you were born, your darling personality began to shine. You are a girl filled with passion. You have such a tender heart. I know that God has gifted you with an indescribable compassion for others.

You have such a zest for life. You are always creating things and laughing. Your imagination is bigger than life itself. It brings me great joy to watch you play.

I love watching you play with daddy! You guys have such a sweet relationship! It reminds me so much of my relationship with grandpa. There is nothing like the love of a father and his daughter! You are so blessed to have daddy in your life and you'll realize it more and more the older you get!

You are an amazing big sister! You can make Hudson laugh and smile, simply by being in the room. I love to watch the two of you interact. I can just tell you guys are going to have a special friendship as the years go on.

Your laughter fills our house with smiles. Your goofiness brings just the right amount of silliness to any situation.

I love the tender moments with you. I love when you say your prayers at night and you sincerely pray for different people in your life or for God to help you to be kind to others. I love when you crawl up in my lap and snuggle with me while we read a good book! I cherish our little conversations and can't wait to have more with you as you grow older. I love when, for no reason at all, you run to me and wrap your arms around me and tell me that you love me more than anything.

I love your outlook on life. You are a "the cup is half full" kind of girl! Your spunk and love of life is inspiring.

Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Know that I pray for you each and every day! I love watching God work in and through your life and can't wait to see what plans He has in store for you as you grow and learn during this next year of life! I love you sweet girl!

Love always,

Your proud mom


~ko said...

What a wonderfully sweet post for a wonderfully sweet little girl!

Crazy Love said...

She look so old and so grown up! Happy Birthday Madison!