Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Much More Than Just Reading...

We love to read stories in this house! I snatch up whatever time I can each day to just sit back on the couch and read stories with my little loves! Hudson is so fun to watch while I read. His eyes track when the pages turn and he giggles when Madison laughs or responds to the stories.

Madison has always loved reading (I also read with her from a very young age). I am hoping that her brother develops a love for stories and imagination as well. It is so fun to watch Madison act out stories and songs she hears. Her little imagination is at an all time high right now and I can't help but link that back to her love for stories.

I cherish this special cuddle time with my children and look forward to it each and every day, even if we have a crazy day and don't get to just sit back on the couch and read, we always finish the day with two stories and that time is oh so sweet!

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