Friday, May 06, 2011


This post does not have a picture, but it will forever be engrained in my heart so I had to share! Today Madison was running in circles around the house because she was playing tag with Randall (from Monster's Inc). She was trying to beat him "because he's the bad guy." As she was running laps, I heard her start praying. She said, "Jesus, please help me to run faster so that Randall doesn't get me. Amen." Then she proceeded to run over to me and tell me that she prayed to Jesus (she didn't realized I could hear her) and asked him to help her run faster and he did. As she began to walk/run away to go play again, I heard her say, "Mom and Dad were right. He really is my friend!"

I just thought it was so precious and I didn't want to forget this little moment, so I thought I'd document it here and allow you all to share in my sweet moment with my daughter as she discovered praying because she wanted to, not because we were eating or because it was time for bed! :)

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