Monday, May 02, 2011

Goofy's Kitchen

After two fun filled days with rides, princesses, adventure, and fun park snacks and food, we wanted to finish out the trip with a bang and I am so glad that we did! We had reservations at Goofy's Kitchen. I had been to Goofy's Kitchen as a kid, but couldn't remember much, other than that I saw Mickey.

This was probably one of the highlights of the trip! Madison was able to meet: Goofy, Pluto, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Chip, Dale, and Snow White. She was in heaven. I am not so sure how much dinner she actually ate because of all of the characters, but her face was priceless.

I think my favorite interaction she had was with Peter Pan. He was the most perfect Peter Pan. He got right down to her level and was right in her face talking (like a boy) and completely in character telling her she didn't want to grow up. Madison was so cute...she was twirling her hair almost the whole time he was talking to her! We caught some of it on video.

Madison was obsessed with Captain Hook. We had just watched Peter Pan with Madison, for the first time, before going to Disneyland, so she knew all about Captain Hook, but she kept telling him he was nice (he was in full character pretending not to like little kids) and finally at the end of our visit, he tipped hi hat at her and she melted. :)

It was also extra special to see Madison with Snow White because she'd been dying to see one of the princesses! She told Snow White that Dopey was her favorite Dwarf and Snow White told her that she'd tell him, "Hi" for her.

Madison also enjoyed dancing with both Chip and Dale. We learned that Chip is the one with the black nose just like a chocolate chip and Dale has the brownish red nose! :)

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