Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Bug and Chunky Monkey

So, as most of you know, Madison's nickname with us is Bug...don't really remember how it started really, but ever since she was a baby she's been our bug! Now, Hudson is our little Monkey.

Tonight I was taken back to when Madison was a baby. I had one neutral set of PJ's from when Madison was little and I pulled them out of her baby clothes to one day put Hudson in. Madison was 8 months old when she wore these PJ's and tonight, Hudson fit in them. Now Madison was quite the little bug and Hudson is quite the Chunky Monkey, but it's still crazy to me that he is only 11 weeks old and wearing Jammies that Madison wore at 8 months old. They are Carter's size 6 months.

Here is Madison in her Jammies.

Here is Hudson in the same Jammies.

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:) :) :) Adorable :) :) :)