Friday, May 20, 2011

Messy Paint Day

Yesterday I was able to go with Madison to preschool and help out with her school's Messy Paint Day! It was so much fun to watch her just let go and have fun getting all dirty (well as much as she was willing). She had a blast with all of the stations!

There was one station for painting tables. There was a mixture of shaving cream and paint and they could paint away.

There was a station for painting cardboard boxes.

**I thought I took pictures of this one, but I must not have!

There was a station for throwing cooked spaghetti noodles, covered in paint, as a piece of butcher paper.

There was a station for rolling big toy trucks down slides covered in shaving cream and paint.

There was also a station for taking your shoes and socks off and stepping all over a tarp covered in paint, but Madison wanted NOTHING to do with that station! It reminded me of when she ate her cake at her first birthday...she dug her hands into her cake and then held them up and cried because she didn't like how the frosting and cake felt on her hands.

During the Messy Paint Day, Madison's teacher brought me over to a tree, in the middle of the playground, and showed me a Momma hummingbird and her nest. It was so neat. She said it's been there a little over a month, so the eggs will probably hatch before Madison is out of school.

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~ko said...

I love the pasta paint! What a cool idea!