Monday, May 02, 2011

California Adventure

On day 2 we went to California Adventure! Aside, from Madison never having been there, my parents had never been their either, so it was doubly fun watching them all enjoy the park! Madison's hair (because of all of the hairspray) was still perfect and in tact so we let Madison get all dolled up again in her Cinderella outfit, so you'll see her sporting her princess outfit once again (except she added hot pink Tinkerbell socks "because they are what princesses wear")

The first thing we did in CA Adventure was go on the Monsters Inc ride. Madison LOVES this movie and the ride was equally cute! She was able to go on it a few times because not a single person was in line ahead of us, due to how early we were able to get in.

Here in California Adventure, Madison met her first Character: Pluto! It was so cute to watch her interact with him. She was the only one in line (we had some special meet and greet privileges because of my mom's Disney Visa), so she was able to spend a lot of time playing with Pluto.

After meeting Pluto, we went to Bug's Land and rode on a lot of fun rides there! Madison LOVED this land and really enjoyed all of the decorations because of all of the bugs (if you read my earlier posts, she's still obsessed with bugs).

After Bug's Land, my parents and Alex went on Soaring of California and Madison, Hudson and I explored the park on the hunt to find more characters. We were in luck! We came across Minnie Mouse, Duffy the Bear (the bear that Minnie made for Mickey), and Mickey Mouse. We managed to get some cute pictures while waiting for everyone to get off of the ride.

The last thing we did in California Adventure before leaving for our yummy dinner at Goofy's Kitchen was to go to Paradise Pier and Alex played a few games and Madison did as well and we won a fun Mickey Mouse! My mom, Alex and Madison also went on the Paradise Pier Carousel.

We had a great time at California Adventure and look forward to our next visit!

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Matthews Family said...

Love all the pictures! Makes me want to visit. :-)