Monday, October 22, 2012

A Girl and Her Boots

Madison has been asking me for a few weeks now if she could have boots this year. She had boots last year, but out grew them (and to be honest, wasn't really interested in them last year). Anyway, my dear friend shared with me a good spot to go find cute boots for a decent price. So, last night while Madison was at AWANAS, I went and bought her a pair of boots! SHE LOVES THEM!!!! Below is a picture of her and how she dressed for school this morning...with the boots!

Today, while Madison was at school, Hudson and I had the opportunity to talk to Alex on Face Time. It was such a sweet time. Hudson hasn't really been able to see Alex on Face Time a whole lot because of the timing of when we're able to talk, but today Hudson had daddy all to himself. It was so cute. He kept waving hello and saying, "Hi, Dad!" Then he would come up to the screen and give Alex kisses. I can't wait to watch Hudson the next time it works out for them to have some good talk time together!

Hope you all had a great day! 

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jaclyn said...

Madison looks adorable in those boots! And glad to hear you got to Facetime with Alex. Love you guys!