Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Traditions

Today is Friday, which in our house means it's Pizza and Movie Night. Back over the summer when we first saw the preview for the new Tinkerbell movie, Alex and I would have sworn that it said coming to theaters Fall 2012. As a result, we promised Madison we'd taker her to go see it in the theater. Then, we realized that it was going straight to DVD. Madison was bummed, but I promised her that when it came out, we'd get it and watch it. Well, the movie came out earlier this week and this was our first movie night since it's release and as promised, we watched Secret of the Wings. We also had homemade pizza and had a picnic in the living room! :)

Another thing that comes with Fridays is our new tradition (this is now our third week of upholding this tradition) of walking home from school. I walk to Madison's school (a little over 2 miles) and then I get Madison and we walk home. Today, we had the privilege of walking with our friends to and from school. Madison and Kolten had so much fun!

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~ko said...

What fun and sweet memories you are making!