Friday, October 19, 2012

First Kindergarten Field Trip

Well, today was Madison's first kindergarten field trip: The Pumpkin Patch. I had the privilege of being a driver and chaperone for this field trip. We had so much fun!

Let me start by saying it was MUCH hotter than expected. When we drove to the pumpkin patch, it was about 20 degrees hotter there than in Tierrasanta! It was in the mid 90's with very little to no shade at most parts of the field trip. All that being said, we still had a blast and managed to come home without any type of sunburn!

The trip began with a presentation from a little old lady, who was wearing a very festive hat and overly excited about gords and pumpkins. The kids all sat in this little amphitheater on bales of hay, while she spoke.

Once we were done with the presentation, our class went to have snack. Then, we went to the petting zoo. Madison's teacher was so sweet. He spent his own money and bought carrots for the whole class, so that each child would have a chance to feed one of the animals.

Once we were done at the petting zoo. We all went to wait our turn for the hay ride. While we were waiting, there was a perfect photo opportunity for the class to take a group photo. Here are some of the ones I snapped, including a silly one at the end.

Below are a few pictures I snapped while on the hay ride. It was a cute little ride, but it sure was dusty and stung the nose. We were able to see corn fields, sunflower fields, scarecrows and the Christmas trees that are in the process of growing for the upcoming season.

As soon as we finished the hay ride, we went through a fun Corn Stalk Maze! The kids were too cute as they came to forks in the road and had to make decisions about which way to go. They felt so accomplished and proud of themselves when they successfully finished the maze.

At the end of the maze, it opened up into a little field filled with pumpkins. Each child was able to pick their favorite pumpkin and take it home. It was so much fun to watch the children run through the field going from pumpkin to pumpkin in search of just the right one!

As you can see in the was so hot and by this time the kids were spent. Once each child had picked out their pumpkin, we took one more photo opportunity and had all of the kids sit with their pumpkins next to this cute little decorative barn. Then we all packed up and headed back to school.

Once the kids were back at school, their teacher had them write about their field trip. I took pictures of what Madison wrote! I was so proud of her...this is all unassisted.

"I think I like the maze. I felt so excited."

"I think I will want to go on the pumpkin patch hay ride."

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